Rhode Island Attorney And Firefighter Join Online Mob Threatening Violence Against Innocent People For Taking Pictures In Public


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A local Dad from Rhode Island visited Lincoln Woods State Park with his family and was shocked to find out that people are allowed to take pictures in public places.

Last weekend I took my kids to Lincoln Woods State Park and as we were walking by the food stand at the beach, where 100’s of children are in their bathing suits, Alyssa hears a dude’s phone make the camera sound, and she immediately turns and says “Hey, did you just take a picture of me?” to the dude who is pointing his phone directly at her. He starts to stutter “no, no, I’m taking pics of the buildings behind you” (preposterous considering the angle we were at)… We start to turn away, and my mind is racing about what just happened and if I make a big deal about it or not, and Alyssa turns to me and says “dad, I’m shook”… So I turn back and I ask the guy, “Did you just take a picture of my daughter?” And he and his partner slowly start backing away, denying it. (Folks, it was clear…he took the fucking picture) I told him that it would be an easy enough matter to clear up, “just show me your recent camera scroll” to which he claimed his constitutional protections (as they all are masters at knowing where their lines are)… I ended up calling RI State Police and they came out and said there’s no expectation of privacy, and that it was ok for them to be there but they would file a report so if they get any more, on these pervs, they can elevate matters..

So just to review what happened here:

  • Two guys he arbitrarily deemed were perverts based largely on their appearance were taking pictures in a public park.
  • Dad assumed that they were taking pictures of his daughter and arbitrarily decided that this should be illegal based on his daughter’s feelings.
  • Dad demanded that a private citizen must hand over his private phone to a complete stranger for an inspection.
  • Dad felt outwitted by these “constitutional masters” because they rightfully told him he has no right to demand that.
  • Dad calls the Rhode Island State Police, wasting valuable taxpayer resources to find out that no one has an expectation of privacy at a public beach.
  • Unsatisfied with this Dad then went on Facebook for the purposes of creating an online mob to publicly shame, and potentially injure two people who are completely innocent in the eyes of the law.
  • Post predictably gets shared thousands of times and elicits thousands of angry comments.

There’s no evidence whatsoever that these men are actually pedophiles. They have broken now laws, and quite frankly they look like a father and son, and the son might have special needs.

I have as much evidence that he is special needs as this Dad does that he is a pedophile, but which do you think is more likely? He’s wearing a kid’s watch, knee high socks, cargo shorts, and is smiling as if he is completely oblivious to what the OP is accusing him of.

Regardless, even if he is guilty of taking pictures of kids at a beach, so what? How does that affect your children or you? If he did it more discreetly you would have no way of knowing it happened. Your child was not injured in this, he made no contact with them, and no laws were broken. He didn’t sneak a camera into the bathroom to get a picture of her naked. He merely took a picture of people at a public beach. This is not a crime.

Nevertheless the online lynch mob felt the need to virtue signal about what they would’ve done to these two innocent people if they were there, which included threats to beat and even kill them for doing so. 

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The worst part about these people is that they feel the need to do this to show the world that they oppose pedophiles. As if rational people who wait for facts and believe in law and order are all pro-pedophilia. As if anyone is impressed by you announcing to the world that you will pistol whip someone for taking a picture in public.

Others suggested that the OP should’ve just made up a complete lie.

Very sane.

Nicholas Hughes says he’s going to follow them around in public because he’s “looking for a scrap,” and an attorney offered him free legal services.

Is every lawyer in Rhode Island an incompetent boob who doesn’t understand how the law works? Because it certainly seems that way.

He does personal injury law, and he’s joined in an online mob that could cause personal injury to two people who are innocent under the laws of the State of Rhode Island. Seems like a very competent attorney who you should trust with legal matters.

This is Pascoag firefighter Joe Musone.

According to this public servant the OP should’ve thrown him the beating of his life, taken his property, gone through it, then destroyed said personal property.

Because he’s a “firm believer” that it’s his duty as an adult to literally break your hands if you take a picture of people in public. This man is a public servant in the lawless swamp known as Rhode Island.

This was my personal favorite justification for violence.

A character on Game of Thrones did it, therefore it’s OK. #RhodeIslandLogic

Keep in mind, we have no evidence whatsoever that any of this actually happened. It’s a guy posting on Facebook and none of the people responding were there. When someone suggested that this could be made up this was the reaction.

Yea, no one would ever post a lie on Facebook. Ever.

The bottom line is that you have no expectation of privacy in public. If you’re an adult who doesn’t know this then you’re disconnected from reality.


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