Rhode Island Boxer Arrested For Burning Girlfriend’s Beagle Is Son Of First Latina Judge And North Smithfield Cop, Claims To Have 1 Million Instagram Followers


This is Rob Nolette Jr, a boxer from Rhode Island who claims to have 1 million followers on Instagram.

I say claims because he doesn’t have the blue checkmark, and his posts calling himself a “former social media influencer turned professional boxer” and “The King of Social Media” get almost no likes or comments. The few people who actually do respond allege that his followers are fake, he’s not a professional anything, his mother paid for his license, and he loses to crappy fighters.

His career record is 1-2. But somehow he managed to spar with Jake Paul, and has a poster promoting his next fight at Bridgewater Vets Club – the Madison Square Garden of Plymouth County.

He has a total of 7 subscribers on YouTube, and does promotional videos for something called Solar Cannabis that get 12 views.

In one of the douchiest moves of all time, the recent father refers to himself as a #dilf.

If you’re into pubestached bootleg boxers with a grand total of 1 win.

However, you will no longer find him on IG or on Facebook because yesterday NBC reported that he had been arrested for animal abuse.

Robert Nolette, an up-and-coming Rhode Island boxer, is getting attention for all the wrong reasons. He was charged with three felony counts of malicious injury to an animal after his girlfriend’s dog suffered horrible injuries. 

“This is definitely one of the worst cases that we’ve seen of cruelty,” said Earl Newman, special agent of the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Coco, an eight-year-old beagle, is recovering from extensive injuries authorities say are consistent with animal abuse.

“It’s disturbing when there’s that level of violence towards an animal,” Newman told NBC 10 News.

Newman, leading the investigation into the case, says burns covered about half of the dog’s body and several ribs were fractured

“When I initially saw the level of injuries to the dog, I did not expect that she would have survived the injury,” he said.

According to the Scituate police report, the dog belonged to Nolette’s girlfriend, who came home to find Coco severely injured last mont. This dog had significant injuries that occurred at a time when the dog was home, alone with the defendant,” Newman said.  The report alleges that Nolette previously hurt the beagle and blamed the injuries on the dog falling down the stairs. Nolette entered no plea at his arraignment earlier this month. Newman said Coco will be OK. He is now out on bail and did not respond to NBC 10’s request for comment. 

We were tipped off this story a few weeks ago and requested the police report from the Scituate Police Department but haven’t received a response. However, our source did send us an image of what this monster did to the poor dog, and we should warn you that it’s disturbing.

He poured boiling water on that poor thing after breaking its bones. That’s not just animal abuse. It’s the work of a deranged psychopath.

What NBC isn’t reporting is that the reason this has all remained quiet is because his mother is a judge. And not just any judge, Elizabeth Ortiz is a “historic first.”


They don’t even pretend to hide the fact that she was a diversity hire reaction as part of the greater plan to get justice for George Floyd.

In a year set apart by a heightened focus on racial justice in America, more than a dozen elected Latino leaders in Rhode Island are calling for Central Falls Municipal Judge Elizabeth Ortiz to be appointed as the state’s first Latina Family Court judge. 

There are no Latinx judges because that’s not a real word. It’s just an insulting way for white liberals to pretend that Latinos have any interest in playing along with the imaginary idea that there are 86 gender pronouns. Either way, they were basically announcing that she should get this job because she checked off a box that hadn’t been checked before, and it had nothing to do with being the most qualified candidate. What happened to first male Latino judge in Rhode Island history?

Oh well, at least he was a historic first.

His father, Robert Nolette Sr, is a police officer in North Smithfield.

This 22 year old loser, who probably doesn’t make much money, can somehow afford high priced defense attorney John Grasso. His only review on Yelp is from a client who says he was referred to him by a family court attorney. Nolette’s mother is a family court judge. Gee, I wonder who’s paying for him?

Why isn’t the media mentioning until now that a the love child of a Police Sgt and a historic first teen mom judge was arrested and charged with such a heinous crime? He lit the dog on fire and broke the poor thing’s ribs. That is serial killer behavior, and makes me wonder how he was raised.


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