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Rhode Island Mom Makes $12K On GoFundMe After Leaving Baby With Abusive Failed Deacon Boyfriend Who Beat Him, Won’t Let Father See Baby


Here’s a horrific story out of East Providence:

An East Providence man accused of critically injuring a toddler in a shopping mall parking lot over the weekend has been charged with first-degree felony assault. Jack Paiva, 25, faced a judge Tuesday afternoon, during which investigators claimed he struck the 1-year-old’s car seat “three times with significant force” as the two sat inside his truck Sunday. The toddler’s mother, who police explained is also Paiva’s girlfriend, left the two alone in the Lincoln Mall parking lot as she went inside to buy baby formula. When she returned a short time later, police said Paiva’s girlfriend noticed her child was breathing strangely. The toddler was rushed to Hasbro Children’s Hospital, where doctors told the mother her child had suffered serious head injuries that required life-saving brain surgery, according to police. Police said the doctor’s also explained that the injuries were fresh and likely happened shortly before the toddler was brought to the hospital.

Paiva reportedly admitted to “elbow striking” the child’s car seat because the child “would not calm down and stop crying,” according to police. However, Paiva’s attorney refuted those claims.

“There is a possibility of false confession syndrome in this case, which is a real thing,” his attorney told the judge.

Paiva was granted $20,000 surety bail and ordered not to have any contact with the child. His attorney said Paiva maintains his innocence and is looking forward to clearing his name.

When your lawyer’s defense is “my client confessed to this horrible crime of which there is ample evidence proving his guilt, but he didn’t really mean it,” and you feel the need to add in “which is a real thing,” you know you’ve already lost the case.

Things got crazy during the hearing and a man in the back stood up and started yelling out about what this monster did to his son.

So I guess that’s Dad, and he’s understandably pissed. But the part about this story that pisses me off the most is that the mother is being treated like some sort of victim. I don’t know anything about the baby daddy, but I know that chances are he’s never beaten a baby nearly to death because he was crying. Therefore he’s better suited to be around the baby than this chode.

Sources tell us that the baby momma, Emmalee Mello, wouldn’t allow the father to see the baby unless it was under her roof. If you’re gonna allow the latest guy who’s plowing you to have access to your child more than the actual father of the baby, then you better be Goddamn sure that he’s not a demonic child abuser. Turns out he was, so that’s on Mom. What kind of mother leavers her crying 1 year old baby alone in a car with a guy she obviously doesn’t know that well? Bring the kid inside with you and they will stop crying real quick. I’m a Dad and even I know that moving a crying baby around almost always gets them to shut up. Or better yet, send the boyfriend inside. Also this kid has already turned a year old, so not sure why she went inside to buy him formula. I’m not an expert on babies, but they’re usually on real milk by then. So yea, I just have very little sympathy for her and I believe it’s partly her fault. Sorry, not sorry (is that still a thing?)

To make matters worse she’s being treated with kid gloves by the media, she’s raised over $12K with a GoFundMe, and they’re selling t-shirts.


Meanwhile a few months ago she had a default judgment against her in court for not paying creditors.

How convenient. The GoFundMe says there will be legal expenses to get “justice for Odin,” but:

  1. You’re not on trial
  2. The DA’s office is your free attorney
  3. There would be no need for any attorneys if you didn’t leave your baby alone with a man you barely knew

Where is the father’s GoFundMe? Why is the media not interviewing him? Imagine if this were the other way around. A father leaves his baby around some skank he just met and the skank abuses the baby. Who are people gonna feel more sorry for – the father who made the poor decision, or the mother whose child was victimized due to a choice she had nothing to do with? Has anyone in the media even asked about where Dad is? Because I’m sure if the roles were reversed they’d be asking where Mom is. Dad was good enough to give this woman a child and now she just tells him to beat it? That’s not how parenting works.

In fairness, the baby beater is probably the last person you would guess would ever do this based on his Facebook page. He’s by far the oldest looking 25 year old I’ve ever seen, a nerdy Providence College fan, a small business owner, and some sort of Deacon at St. Margaret’s church.

That guy right there is clearly a psychopath who’s possessed by some sort of demons. That’s the only explanation for how someone like that could inflict such pain upon an innocent baby.

I did find it interesting that in June Bubba Baby Beater announced that he was fired from whatever he does at the church.

“I was informed my services would no longer be needed.”

Translation – I’m bitter that they don’t want me back. This was probably a voluntary position the church was getting free labor out of, so for them to get rid of him he must’ve done something  really bad. Of course he didn’t explain what that was, much the same way he didn’t bother telling doctors or the baby momma that he played pinata with a 1 year old. As a result the parishioners all felt bad for him.

So I guess they could’ve been fooled like the baby momma was. Although I find it hard to believe there were no signs at all. For him to repeatedly hit a baby indicates that he probably wasn’t good with the baby to begin with. But she still gave this disgraced deacon more access to her son than the actual father. She made the choice, and until further notice the father should have sole custody of this poor baby.


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