Rhode Island Mother Nicole Solas Threatened With Lawsuits By Teacher’s Union And School Committee For Asking If Daughter’s School Is Teaching Critical Race Theory


This is Nicole Solas from South Kingstown, RI, and tonight I’ll be interviewing her on the Turtleboy Live Show at 9 PM. (Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss an episode.)

She is a fellow with the Independent Women’s Forum, and the mother of a kindergarten student who made national headlines over the summer when the teacher’s union sued her because she filed a public records request to see if children were being taught critical race theory in school.

On top of that her local School Committee scheduled a meeting to discuss whether or not they should sue her as well, after attempting to charge her almost $10K for public documents she requested.

The story of a concerned parent being sued by the teacher’s union for wanting to know what was being taught in school garnered a lot of attention and outrage, and led to appearances on Tucker Carlson and other Fox News shows.

Eventually the union agreed to drop the lawsuit.

Since then Nicole has become a parent’s rights activist of sorts, fighting back the insanity of masking, CRT, and perverse “sex education. Her activism has helped her amass a following of almost 25,000 on Twitter. She, like many parents who began showing up to School Committee meetings over the summer, was labeled as a domestic terrorist by Merrick Garland and the Biden administration. As the parent of a 6 and 4 year old I look forward to speaking with a fellow domestic terrorist tonight about how parents can advocate for their children and fight back against indoctrination in the public schools.



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