Rhode Island State Police Colonel Urges Citizens To Report Neighbor’s Parties Despite Allowing Massive Protests Attended By Governor Raimondo 


The Rhode Island State Police issued a press release today on Facebook asking for the public’s help to report to them any instances of people standing near each other in a free society.

Hello, state police? I’d like to report a criminal.

That’s Governor Gina Raimondo at that “peaceful protest” which descended into riots, not wearing a mask, not social distancing, and even holding hands with protesters as State Police without masks on allowed this to happen.

Remember when BLM was blaming the cops for everything and the only people who had the cops’ backs were people who wanted to end the lockdown? This is how the Rhode Island State Police thanks you for that.

For the last 2 months BLM has blamed the police for being racist murderers. Corporations, the media, schools, and pretty much everyone except me and Tucker Carlson have openly turned against them. Cops and Paw Patrol were cancelled. But I stood by the side of the police, as did turtle riders, because we know that they’re not collectively responsible for the actions of Derek Chauvin. The same people who stuck with the police were the ones who were sick of the lockdowns and saw the gross hypocrisy of the government allowing protests while forcing businesses to close.

These protests took place in Rhode Island too, and the same State Police who are now urging you to call them when you see someone having a birthday party proudly thanked the tens of thousands of people who descended upon Providence for a BLM protest in June.

“Thank you to the young Rhode Islanders who organized yesterday’s event in Providence.”

I’m not blaming all Rhode Island State Police, but I am blaming Colonel James Manni, since he’s in charge.

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Ultimately it was Manni who allowed the protests and is now urging citizens to turn on each other. He was appointed by the same governor who flaunted the social distancing guidelines in June. This pathetic political coward had great things to say about a Marxist organization that wants to abolish the police, and had his troopers stand there and allow these massive gatherings, but now is asking for people to turn on each other so he can have law abiding citizens arrested for being free.

I can’t tell you how much contempt I have for people like Raimondo and Manni. I was anti-lockdown months ago, but when I saw the protests I figured there was no way they’d try to go back to locking us down. They didn’t have the balls to be that tyrannical. But they did, because no one fights back. If the virus really is making a come back then it’s entirely the fault of all the protests that the government sanctioned and participated in. Any progress that was made prior to that was wiped out because the government allowed it to. Now they want us to start over from scratch. Anyone who calls the state police on their neighbors deserves to get punched in the face. However, since I don’t believe in violence I’d urge you to let me know who they are so I can promptly do my part to make them social pariahs wherever they go.


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