Rhode Island State Representative And Attorney Twice Held In Contempt Is Suing Me On Behalf Of “Failure Swift,” Got A Restraining Order, Demands Blogs Come Down


Doorbell rang today at 2:30 and a constable with some paperwork for ANOTHER lawsuit out of Rhode Island was standing there. He gave me this:

Kathryn KC Hill Narcissi is suing me. But you may know her as Failure Swift from previous blogs.

Kathryn Narcisi tagged the media in her viral video back in February because she wanted someone to write about her refusal to leave Kent Hospital in Warwick, due to the fact that she wasn’t nearly as sick as she claimed to have been. We were tagged in it so we wrote about it. A video that she voluntarily recorded was posted to Facebook by her husband Metro.

She then shared the video and sent it to “local media” and “political parties” because she wanted people to see it.

Then the video emerged a couple weeks ago of her yelling at her husband Metro while he tried to watch TV, and we blogged about that too.


  1. Free speech allows us to talk on the Internet.
  2. It was really entertaining.
  3. It’s really terrible that she publicly humiliates Metro like that, who is clearly in an emotionally abusive relationship with this woman. We write about stuff like that because the Constitution allows us to.
  4. Laughing at and making fun of crazy people when the do crazy things publicly is not defamation.

It’s a civil suit in Superior Court in Wakefield, which is a good two hours or so from Worcester. My hearing is Friday at 9:30 AM, and I just received this in the mail today. I cannot make that date, I called the courthouse to tell them that, and they told me I will be arrested if I do not show up. I watch my kids on Friday mornings, but had they given me more advance notice I could have made plans to have someone watch them. It’s too late now.

The lawsuit seeks to ban the former name of my company from “contacting, assaulting, molesting, stalking, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, bullying, harassing, threatening, annoying, slandering, maligning, or otherwise interfering with the plaintiff at home.” She is seeking injunctive relief and damages.

For the record, I have never contacted this woman in my life. I have never stalked, harassed, molested, slandered, assaulted, or “bullied” her. And the fact that “bullying” is a word that the courts use is everything that is wrong with our society today. But again, I have not done any of those things. I merely act as the editor for a website in which Kathryn Narcisi’s public displays of lunacy on Facebook have been discussed.

She’s also suing me because after the blog about her was published in February 2019, she began receiving “repeated email messages, comments, private messages, texts, and other communications, from followers of the defendant’s website.”

It is outrageous that our courts can be used like this. If people read our blog and choose to contact her that is not something we can control. We certainly don’t condone it, and we did not urge people to contact her in any manner. If websites were responsible every time someone read an article that was published and then sent a Facebook message to the subject of the article, then publishers wouldn’t be allowed to write about anyone.

She alleges that because of these messages she fears for her safety, and that it is interfering with her “work,” which seems to be nothing more than her sharing links to whatever crap she’s peddling on Facebook.

The subpoena says that the blogs themselves are libelous, but don’t explain how they are libelous. Rather, it simply states that the blogs expose her to hatred, contempt, and ridicule. It’s also listed in the complaint that the blogs “caused injury to her feelings,” which is grounds for damages.

What planet am I on right now? The State of Rhode Island is allowing this woman to go forward with a lawsuit against me for damages due to “injury to her feelings,” because people not associated with Turtleboy contacted her without us asking them to do so. Madness.

Kathryn Narcisi also demands that I remove any and all posts AND the comments following those posts.

We do not own Facebook, nor are we required to delete any comments that appear on our Facebook page. Facebook has a process where she can report the comments to Facebook and they can take action if those comments violate the terms of service.

In addition, she also applied for and was granted a temporary restraining order against the defendant (my name is not listed anywhere on this lawsuit) on May 13, 2019. I was never notified of a hearing for a restraining order, and if I was I would have gone. Instead Judge Susan Mcguirl signed off on this TRO.

The TRO states that I must not contact, harass, etc, the plaintiff Kathryn Narcisi, AND that I must not contact her “through third parties.” Again, just to be clear, at no point did we ever ask third parties to contact her. We have no control if readers do contact her, and it is no way, shape or form our fault if they do.

And in one of the most egregious violations of the First Amendment I have ever seen, this Judge signed off on an order that states that I must “remove any and all posts regarding the plaintiff, either by her name Kathryn Narcisi, or the pseudonym Failure Swift.”

This is what free speech looks like in a tyrannical country. If you think for one moment that you have the right to speak freely in the United States you are mistaken. If you think you have the right to express opinions about people who seek out the media, harass nurses, get kicked out of hospitals, and emotionally abuse their spouses on Facebook, you are mistaken. At least that appears to be how Judge McGuirl interprets the United States Constitution.

Her complaint was prepared by her Attorney Christopher Millea. A quick Google search for him shows that he’s an elected State Representative out of Cranston.

And in the least surprising news ever, he’s a democrat. He was only recently elected, winning a close race against the incumbent in a midterm election that was largely fueled by anti-Trump blowback.

And since getting elected his biggest accomplishment seems to be having more fundraisers for the next election.

Of course antics like this are right up his alley. In 2014 Christopher Millea was brought up on charges of contempt by a Judge after an extremely unprofessional incident in his capacity as a defense attorney:

A Superior Court jury acquitted Uhlmann and her codefendant Jamaal Dublin after a weeks-long trial marked by acrimony and resulting in Dublin’s lawyer, Christopher T. Millea, facing contempt accusations for his tactics. Millea threw two bean bags at a courtroom door, in comparing the state’s case to excrement, before Judge William E. Carnes Jr. intervened.

“You see, all of this has to do with the throwing of feces. The state wants to throw as much against the wall to see what sticks, just like Michael Drepaul throwing his feces …” Millea said. He was referring to a key state witness and felon, who threw his waste at a prison guard.

Millea retrieved the bean bags from a box he placed in front of the jury. The tossed bean bags landed in another larger box near the door that Millea then also placed in front of the jury.

“I would suggest to you, ladies and gentlemen, that after the state has thrown the feces against the wall …” Millea continued. Assistant Attorney General Scott Erickson objected.

It was discovered that Millea had written “reasonable doubt” on one box and “state’s case” on the other on the sides facing the jury. Carnes stopped the proceedings and ordered the jury from the room. With the jury gone, Carnes initiated a contempt action against Millea. 

This is the kind of person who gets elected to state office in Rhode Island.

A year later he was held in contempt AGAIN:

A Superior Court judge sanctioned a defense lawyer $5,000 after finding him in contempt of court for failing to sequester a witness during a bail violation hearing for an armed robbery suspect in Cranston. Judge Netti C. Vogel ordered Christopher T. Millea to pay $5,000 by Nov. 2 for “a willful violation” of her “clear and unambiguous” order to the lawyers involved in a hearing for three people accused of robbing a man of his Iphone 6 at gunpoint that all witnesses and potential witnesses remain outside the courtroom during the proceedings, court records show.

The sanctions stem from a bail violation hearing before Vogel for Millea’s client, Erick “Little E” Perkins, who is accused of conspiring with Antron Dublin and Alexander Collins to rob Luis Veliz Sept. 3. According to police, the three plotted the robbery at 193 Park Ave., in Cranston, with Perkins striking Veliz in the back of his head with a gun and taking his cell phone.

Vogel entered an order barring all witnesses and potential witnesses from the courtroom on Sept. 24th. It was the first day of a bail hearing for Collins and Dublin and a bail violation hearing for Perkins, had an eight-year suspended sentence hanging after pleading guilty in 2013 to a possessing a .32 caliber pistol and possession of cocaine with intent to deliver. It was the second day of the proceedings, when Millea called a female who had been sitting in the courtroom — despite Vogel’s order — to testify as a witness, according to Millea’s lawyer, Anthony M. Traini. Vogel found him in contempt as a result.

In a nutshell, this guy represents gang bangers, just like he did when he was being held in contempt for the re-enactment of feces throwing with beanbags in court. Because of how dangerous his client was the Judge ordered that all witnesses must not enter the courtroom. But Christopher Millea evidently thinks rules don’t apply to him, so despite recently being held in contempt by a Judge, he ignored the orders of a different Judge and called a female witness who was in the courtroom.

Two charges of contempt a little over a year apart and he was still elected to state office.

In my opinion this is government sanctioned suppression of free speech, and it’s politically motivated. A lawyer/State Rep, and a Judge signed off on an order demanding that I take down content on my website, because it’s critical of someone in Rhode Island. This is what the left stands for now – authoritarian politically motivated censorship by the state.

Editor’s Note: After speaking with Christopher Millea today it is his assertion that this is not politically motivated and that he had never heard of Turtleboy prior to this. He claims that he is strictly working in his capacity as attorney for Narcisi, and that being a Rhode Island State Rep is a part time job (they make less than $20,000 a year).

For those of you keeping score at home, I am now being sued in four separate cases, all of which are frivolous. It occupies most of my time, and I hate doing it. I left teaching because I wanted to publish a blog where people could share their thoughts on matters of public concern. Instead I deal with lawsuits constantly. Tomorrow I write a check for $2,000 to file a motion to dismiss another lawsuit. If that motion isn’t granted I have to pay thousands of dollars more to fight a case I will win in the end. It’s outrageous that in this country anyone can sue anyone, regardless of whether or not there is any merit, and the defendant must shell out all money to fight a case they will inevitably win. And when they do win they don’t get legal fees repaid. This needs serious reform.

This is why we need your support. If you’d like to donate to help us fight lawsuits like these here’s the button:


But what I could really use is an attorney who wants to help me find a solution to this recurring problem. Because it’s never going to end. I need a long term sustainable plan to be able to continue to bring you real news on this platform, without having to go broke doing so. If you are an attorney in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, and you truly believe in the principle free speech, please send me an email at  [email protected] so we can discuss this further. I want Turtleboy to be around forever because it is a force for good, but we cannot do that without money and help. It’s just not sustainable without that.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries
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