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Rian Waters Attempts To Get My Home Address, Claims To Be Taking Me To Court, Makes Up Horrific Lies, Vows To Take His Story To Hollywood

Objectively speaking, I dislike Rian Waters. I can readily find no redeeming qualities within him, not even if I try. From everything he presents outwardly, he’s a manipulative, dishonest, abusive, narcissistic, violent little crapsmear with no regard for others and way too much free time in his meaningless life that he chooses to squander away attempting to mess with a variable laundry list of people’s lives. As of yesterday,  I now get the pleasure of being included on that list.

I’ll tell you this much, he’s messing with the wrong one here.

He also sports a mustache that greatly resembles a collection of dirt and pubes smeared across his upper lip, a personal hygiene choice I find extremely unappealing. Just my own personal opinion.

Rian has been relatively quiet since his last court date – the one where he roped an unwitting Amanda Sawyer into attending (I have so much more to say on this, but at a later date), freaked out, got teary-eyed, kicked a chair and vowed to kill himself if he didn’t get his way. And frankly, if there’s any version of Rian I can tolerate at it, it’s the version where he shuts the hell up and stays far away from me and anyone I know. But of course, he couldn’t just remain the least intolerable version of himself. So yesterday, I started receiving emails from him, which appear to be stupid attempts to procure my home address under the guise of a supposed court hearing I have yet to be, if ever, served with.

For the record, there are a myriad of things I would rather do than play a back-and-forth game of email 20 questions with Rian Waters until he guessed my home address. I’d rather scour my own tits off with a rusty SOS pad, listen to Josh Abrams’ voice on repeat for 6 hours straight, or perform fellatio a on splintered broom handle. Just to name a few more favorable options. A whole day went by, and Rian never made good on his promise to send me over a copy of the supposed complaint. Go figure. I’m certainly above this little maggot on the food chain, however, so I decided to make it abundantly clear that they day he bullies me around is in the month of Neveruary.

To which he sent me this gratuitously long, lie-ridden reply, rife with thinly veiled threats and horrific allegations against the victim of his abuse and her family.

Rian is human scum. Let me dismantle every last putrid lie he tells in this abhorrent and entirely unwanted communication, starting with the one above.

He expects that a somewhat rational and not clinically brain-dead individual such as myself would ever believe that he became aware of a family member sexually molesting his young daughter, yet elected to neither seek medical treatment while she bled vaginally for over a week, nor call the police, because she is a “sensitive child”, and somehow the alleged perpetrator being prosecuted would be less traumatic than the possibility of continued molestation.

Furthermore, after separating from the victim of his abuse, Rian conveniently was within earshot of the alleged perpetrator, who, despite being aware of Rian’s proximity decided to brazenly announce that has was diddling the kid, and Rian still elected not to call the police. He just let the sexual abuse continue while watching his own flesh and blood be victimized.

And after over a year of never-ending litigation with Rian, during which he has tried to drag his ex into it multiple times, this is the first of this allegation anyone has ever heard. And now, somehow, the victim of his abuse retains full custody of their daughter, her family members are allowed to see the child, and yet Rian is the one who is barred from any contact per child protective services.  No, sir. None of that happened. I have a card for this.

And Rian is a monster for alleging it. He’s the one not allowed to see his own daughter. He’s the one who pays no child support, and he’s the one fruitlessly suing DCF in a case that he will undoubtedly lose. Not the other way around. Furthermore, the reason for he and Samantha “drifted apart” sure seems to be due to him beating the ever-loving crap out of her, per his own words.

He then continued on with more logic-defying false claims.

The likelihood of this absentee father with exactly no medical training who is barred from contact with his daughter magically curing his daughter’s seizure disorder in one day is exactly 0.0%. There is not now, nor has there ever been, any evidence of Samatha robbing Rian Waters for so much as $5.00, let alone the $100,000 he claims.

There is however, evidence of him beating her, killing the family dog, lying incessantly, and blaming other people for his useless, miserable existence. Any seizures the child experiences now are certainly not the fault of the one natural parent whom cares for her and is consistently present, and certainly not mine. That’s insanity.

Furthermore, my blogs have not prevented Rian from presenting any evidence he claims to have. The fact that the evidence he claims to have does not exist as evident by it never materializing in any venue is why he cannot present it. And per the police report, there Was. No. Cabinet. Rian made no mention of a cabinet to the police, instead wisely electing to lie about going to the vet with Samantha. Which is obviously the marker of a totally innocent victim in all this.

And then claims that SHE was the one who intended to kill the dog,

Despite the fact that she was the one who took him to the vet, she was overheard yelling at him on the phone for hurting the dog, and he was the one who lied to the police. Oh, and again, there was no f*cking filing cabinet accident.

He also, laughably, claims that he’s not malicious, in the same email where he vows to get my home address one way or the other, unless I just bitch down and give it to him.

Not happening. At least he didn’t deny threatening to kill himself this time. He just was speaking “figuratively”, whatever the hell that means. He then vows that he’s bringing his story to Hollywood, which is probably the sanest thing he says in the entire email, because that’s literally the only place in the entire his outlandish lies would fly. The same place that flying, magical nannies come from and the main character in Die Hard never dies.

In the real world, Rian stories are psychotic. In Hollywood, they’re sort of boring and made-for-TV. He also claims that the District Attorney in Hampden county is giving us unlawful preferential treatment, which I also totally believe. So yeah, Rian. Please come take me to court. I’d love to share this with all with the clerk magistrate. Rian Waters does not scare me, and I made that crystal clear to him in my response.

Whenever you’re ready to email me over the “complaint”, I’m ready to see you laughed out of a courtroom, again.

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  1. As a parent, he has a DUTY to report suspected child abuse/molestation. That is the LAW in Massachusetts. He has admitted to violating that law. Rian has crossed over to the world of beyond bat shit crazy. No chairs will survive. He is now harassing you, again. Rian can go pound sand

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