Rian Waters Threatened To Kill Himself In Springfield Court After Losing His Criminal Complaint Hearing, Amanda Sawyer And Son Showed Up To Intimidate Me


Rian Waters filed a criminal complaint against me in Springfield Superior Court for witness intimidation (the second time in 3 months after the last one was found not to have probable cause) and the hearing for it was yesterday. I was forced to give up 5 hours of my life and drive back and forth through the snow to have it tossed. But this time Rian brought backup with him.

Amanda Sawyer also brought her children on a school day, along with another slovenly looking woman with nothing to do on a Tuesday. I explained the day’s events on last night’s show, which both Rian and Amanda showed up in the comments on. I explain it all below.




  • Rian Waters, who was once arrested for punching his girlfriend (who he later sued) and killing his dog in front of the daughter he abandoned and never paid child support for, sued me and lost in Superior court last June.
  • He filed a criminal complaint against me in September, forcing me to drive an hour and half and give up a day’s work to explain to the clerk that I’ve never intimidated him.
  • Before yesterday’s hearing Rian was sitting outside the courtroom with Amanda and her family. She came there to “pick his brain” and get legal advice because she wants to sue me too.
  • My strategy going in was to point out that this has already been litigated twice, show that he’s using the courts inappropriately, and point out that he’s not intimidated at all because he keeps posting on our Facebook page and emailing me.
  • At yesterday’s hearing he asked that the closed door hearing be open to the public (Amanda and crew, along with Bristol were also there), and I didn’t object. The clerk didn’t allow it because he didn’t want it to turn into a circus, but he did allow for it to be taped, which I will be getting shortly. His big concern was that I wouldn’t tell the truth about what happened on the podcast.
  • Rian wrote an affidavit filled with lies, claiming I threatened him at the last hearing. The clerk asked him several times if I told him that I’d hurt him if he testified against me, since that’s what witness intimidation is. Rian admitted that I didn’t do that, but that I had threatened to file a lawsuit for malicious prosecution if he continued on with this time waster.
  • The clerk informed Rian that vowing to use legal means to stop harassment is not a threat, but Rian disagreed and cited some court decision because he thinks he’s smarter than everyone. The clerk cited another decision that overturned that decision and Rian had no answer.
  • Rian bragged to the clerk that they know him by name at the clerk’s office, which of course is the problem.
  • The clerk repeatedly informed Rian that being called names isn’t a crime, and if he couldn’t prove that he was threatened by me then there’s no probable cause to charge me with a crime.
  • Rian went on a rant about the cops and why they wouldn’t charge me with a crime. This was an actual quote, “The Palmer police lied and did a bunch of corruption to me.” He also said they were “extremely rude.”
  • After Palmer PD wouldn’t charge me with a crime (since none was committed) he went to East Longmeadow and Springfield Police and got the same result. After that he went to the State Police, and he claims that they told him that local police wouldn’t do anything because I’m closely tied to them. He said the MSP told him to file the criminal complaint.
  • At the end of the 40 minute hearing Rian was told by the clerk, “I don’t find you are intimidated, you have to move on.”
  • Rian didn’t like hearing this and had his hand raised like a first grader. The clerk called on him and he ranted about how unsafe he felt, even though he regularly comes on our Facebook pages and tried to extort money from me in emails.
  • Rian continued to rant about the last hearing (a matter that’s already been litigated), claiming that I “was screaming and spitting at (him). It’s seriously alarming.”
  • Rian then slammed his chair (I can’t remember if he kicked it or pushed it) and yelled while pretending to cry, “I’m going to kill myself in 2 weeks.”
  • On the way to get paperwork from the clerk’s office Amanda’s allegedly abusive son (her words, not mine) was staring me down with his mother. Bristol justifiably pointed out what a neglectful mother she had to be to pull her kid out of school to drive to be with Rian Waters in court.
  • Before leaving we informed a bailiff that Rian had threatened to kill himself in open court and should be detained for his own safety.

This is my official plea to Rian not kill himself:

“Oh no, please Rian, don’t do it. You have so much to live for. Sure, you don’t have a job, you beat women, you kill dogs, you neglect your child (who had a medical incident while you were in court which you weren’t there for because this is what you prioritize), and you apparently have little to no friends or family. But the world wouldn’t be the same without you and that glorious pubestache.”

According to Amanda, this is just what she’s going to do now.

When will the court system stop allowing this mentally unbalanced free loading leeches to stop tying up taxpayer money on their shenanigans?


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