Rockland Pharmaceutical Company Merck EMD Offers Employees Bounties For Bringing Them Black Harvard Grads To Hire 


Merck EMD Serono is a pharmaceutical company in Rockland that describes themselves as “passionate about providing medicines, drug-delivery devices and support services for patients with difficult-to-treat diseases,” on their website. They, like many multi-billion dollar corporations whose CEO’s have made fortunes off the sales of prescription drugs, have attempted to distract from their profiteering and save themselves from the woke mob by going all in on “social justice.” Except they went around doing it in an unconventional way – by putting bounties on the heads of black people and women. Here’s a flyer that was emailed to all employees, and then printed out and sent to them as well, offering a 25% bonus to any employee who “refers a qualified candidate who self-identifies as a member of certain underrepresented groups, earn an increased recruitment bonus.”

They’re literally paying bribes to employees to go out and find them some “underrepresented” black people to hire. One can only assume that it excludes racial minorities like Asians, because they’re often over-represented in medical fields and universities.

It also includes women, but what exactly is a woman in 2020? A man who “identifies” as a woman is now a woman, even though they’ve likely benefited from the patriarchy most of their lives. What they’re identifying as (a woman) can’t be defined because it really no longer exists. What happens if a woman identifies as a man? Does referring someone like this get you the bounty too? They’d have a vagina, but they don’t identify as a woman, so I guess they’re not longer women. Unless of course being transgender in and of itself qualifies as being a member of an underrepresented group. And what about being gay? There aren’t exactly a lot of bad neighborhoods dominated by the gay community, and they’re not underrepresented in corporate America, so do they count as a minority group?

This part was pretty telling:

“aligns with the Leaders of Color attract/hire strategy and complements ongoing university hiring programming and other outreach efforts.”

The company already has a committee within it that exists to recruit “underrepresented” candidates that works with colleges to pluck them fresh off the woke tree. This apparently isn’t enough, so now they have to offer bounties.

The company says it wants to “increase the number of diverse applicants” to “fulfill our commitment to building a more diverse organization.” They say they are “working to build a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace.”

But what is diversity? Who isn’t being included? What isn’t equitable about the current process? It seems as if they don’t care if you’re particularly good at the job. They simply care about what you look like. Imagine if love was treated the same way.

“I don’t care if I’m compatible with my spouse or really want to be with them at all, I just want them to be hot.”

Here is the current leadership team at Merck EMD Serono:

Rehan Verjee is a racial minority, but since he’s Indian he comes from an overrepresented minority group. As you can see, he wears sports coats without a tie because he is your prototypical corporate Chad trying to look “fresh” and “hip” and “innovative.” He likely commands a seven figure salary as President of EMD Serono and Global Head of the Innovative Medicine Franchises for Merck, and his resume indicates that he comes from one of the most privileged backgrounds possible.

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Prior to this role, Rehan served as Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer since October 2015, leading the global franchises of oncology, neurology & immunology, and infertility, in addition to global business development, market access, strategy and portfolio management, marketing operations and the medical device and services unit. Prior to this, he led the Canadian operations as Managing Director of EMD Serono Canada Inc. Rehan holds a master’s degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from the University of Oxford in the U.K, and first joined the company in 2004.

He went to Oxford University. I can assure you that Oxford grads are overrepresented on every board of directors for every multi-billion dollar corporation in the world.

This is Senior Vice President Kirk Taylor.

As you can see, he is a member of a minority group. How did he overcome institutional racism to become a MD and SVP at such a large corporation? Here’s his bio.

Prior to his current role, Kirk served as Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs Strategy and Operations for Verastem Oncology, where he was responsible for developing medical launch strategies and driving data generation. Kirk also served as Chief of Strategy and Late Phase Development as well as Chief Medical Officer for Finch Therapeutics Group. Kirk brings strong expertise as a practicing neurologist combined with 22 years of global and U.S. drug development experience in Phases I-IV across multiple therapeutic areas including Neurology, Oncology, as well as rare diseases. Kirk holds an M.D. from State University of New York Downstate and a B.A. from Harvard University. He completed a neurology residency at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and a postdoc in neuropathic pain and headache from the University of California at San Francisco.

He went to Harvard for undergrad, attended the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and served as SVP for another large medical organization prior to taking this gig. What inclusion was he ever denied? Nothing. Because he’s extremely qualified for the position he holds.

The rest of the board is filled with women, some white guys, and other racial minorities.

Of the 14 the breakdown is as follows:

  • 6 white guys
  • 4 men who identify as racial minorities
  • 4 white women

White men represent almost the same percentage of leadership as they do of the American population as a whole. Women at Merck occupy a higher percentage of leadership in this company than women do in Congress. How exactly is this company underrepresented? They’re not. If they were concerned about actual diversity they’d hire people from the following underrepresented groups:

  • Different socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Impoverished rural areas, rather than elitist urbanites that currently dominate the company
  • People who grew up without healthcare, since they work in the healthcare industry
  • People who went to state school because they couldn’t afford or get into Harvard like Kirk Taylor
  • People who are obese (there isn’t a single fat person on that board, yet fat people make up a large (no pun intended) part of the population)
  • People in wheelchairs
  • Deaf people
  • Blind people
  • People who grew up in single parent homes
  • Women who are currently working single mothers
  • Autistic people
  • Black conservatives, since they are vastly underrepresented whenever companies need to show off the new black people they hired

The list could go on and on. What problem is Merck EMD Serono fixing by adding people to the company based solely on the way they look? What value is there in adding a black guy to the payroll who grew up in Andover, attended Phillips Academy, and graduated from Harvard? Black people like this do exist by the way (just ask Kirk Taylor), although the CEO’s of these companies seem to believe that black people are a monolithic stereotype in need of saving.

Merck EMD is not looking to hire diverse people; they’re looking to hire more people like them. And by them I don’t mean black or white. I mean elitist, Ivy League educated men and women of all races, who have served in high paying positions at other large corporations. They’re certainly not looking to hire YOU if you’re a white guy who grew up in a section 8 apartment in Holyoke. You don’t have the pedigree. They want more people like Kirk Taylor who LOOK diverse, but are the products of elitist nepotism and privilege. This doesn’t add perspective or different backgrounds to the company, but it does give them better pictures they can post on Facebook as they pat themselves on the back for being so woke.


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