Rockland Woman Who Assaulted Marshfield Chinese Restaurant Owner After Being Forced To Wear Mask Works At A Church And Published Healthy Living Magazine 


In late July Charlie Baker’s mask police clamped down on the Ming Dynasty in Marshfield after finding people (gasp) not wearing masks.

While conducting a check of The Ming Dynasty around 11 p.m. on July 17, a representative from the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission photographed several violations of state COVID-19 safety regulations, the ABCC said. Ten to 15 people were reportedly standing outside The Ming Dynasty not wearing face coverings, and many customers were entering and exiting the restaurant without masks, according to the commission.

The bar area inside the business was also hosting 100 to 150 patrons, most of whom were not wearing face coverings, the Marshfield Mariner reported. According to authorities, food was not being served at The Ming Dynasty, though many patrons were standing around the bar drinking, as the restaurant’s bartender served alcoholic beverages, the Mariner reported. All customers must be seated when being served drinks or food, according to state requirements.

“I’m so sorry for what I did wrong,” Yan said, according to the Mariner’s report. “I know my difficulty is my difficulty, we don’t want to bring our difficulties to the government, even though we make less money than those on unemployment.”

Imagine how much you have to hate life for your job to be the guy that takes picture of people having fun at a Chinese restaurant. Must be hard to be that celibate.

I won’t even argue about the ridiculousness of rules that allow you to sit at a table in a restaurant without a mask on for hours, but require you to wear it for the 5 seconds it takes to leave. Rules that make you order food at a restaurant because COVID only spreads when you’re drinking, not eating, and when you’re standing, not sitting. The hard working immigrant owned business ironically would have less restrictions in communist China.

Ming Dynasty served their one day suspension, opened back up, and are understandably cautious to make sure they’re adhering to the mask rules now. But one woman last night refused to put on a mask and decided to assault one of the owners after being asked to leave.

If you read this blog you know by now how I feel about masks. I’ll complain about it to friends, family, and turtle riders till the cows come home. But at the end of the day if a restaurant makes me wear a mask to be there then I’m not going to start a war over it. Their business, their rules.

According to the Internet the mask marauder lives in Rockland and her husband is a police officer.

However, this has not been confirmed, and from the looks of it I don’t see her husband in that video.

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Her name is Candida Caracci Mamet.

She works at Channing Unitarian Church in Rockland, and is the owner and founder of Healthy Living Magazine Retreats.

She’s also a hippie and free spirit.

Newsflash – hippies are supposed to be chill. But she has “love for all,” unless you make her wear a mask, in which case she’ll throw. temper tantrum and hit your husband.

According to her there’s more to the story.

Unfortunately we couldn’t reach her because she took down her Facebook page. However, this was hilarious while it was up.

She knew that they were shut down due to not wearing masks, she really wanted them to stay open because she likes the place, and then she went and did the exact same thing they got shut down for and couldn’t understand why they had an issue with it. Priceless.

Despite being a violent sociopath Candida has gotten nothing but positive press prior to this for her work in the church.

“Every year around Halloween, we have the children parade through the sanctuary before Sunday service so everyone can see their costumes. Then the kids play games and enjoy treats at our annual Halloween Party,” Mamet said. “This year, we wanted to do something special, so we decided to visit our neighbors at Webster Park.”

The children of Channing UU Church in Rockland, Massachusetts, spent the past few weeks making more than fifty Valentine’s Day cards, and this past Sunday they handed them out to their neighbors living at the Webster Park Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center. Candita Caracci Mamet, the director of Religious Education at Channing Church, said, “Valentine’s Day is not just about romance between couples, and as a community we can show our love.” (, February 10)

This was my favorite quote.

“The best way to teach these ideals to our youth is to expose them to people from all walks of life. Interacting with the elderly in this setting helps them form a bond with other members of the community and learn how to treat others with dignity and respect,” Mamet explained. “It goes two ways, of course: our kids also received a lot of kindness from the staff and residents at Webster Park. We are blessed to have such wonderful neighbors!”

Nothing shows you want to treat people with dignity and respect quite like getting kicked out of a Chinese restaurant and assaulting the owner on the way out. The owner is having a tough time.

This lady has been through quite enough already with COVID and lockdowns. Customers who pull stunts like this because they can’t put their pride away for five minutes are a disgrace to the COVID resistance movement that I’ve been fomenting these last few months.


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