Roslindale Coffee Shop Employee On Paternity Leave Publicly Shames Boston Police Officers For Not Wearing Masks While Buying Coffee 


This is Travis Woods from Jamaica Plain.

Who wore it better?


J.P. Jackass works at the Square Root Coffee Shop in nearby Roslindale and plays in a band, or something.

Travis’ wife gave birth to a baby sometime over the summer after carrying the child in her belly for 9 months. For some reason this meant that Travis needed 6 months off from his work at the coffee shop for “paternity leave.”

This is his coworker Tom Butler.

Barista Bobby saw a couple Boston Police Officers come into the coffee shop the other day without masks on, so naturally he photographed and shamed them on social media.

A white guy publicly shaming unionized black people and women who are buying something at a business that doesn’t belong to him in the first place, because they’re not wearing pointless disposable masks that everyone knows never actually worked. This is what progress looks like to communists.

Travis was grateful that he’s on his 6th month of Buttigieg bonding because despite being fully vaccinated he’s petrified of getting a virus with a 99.99% recovery rate for people in his demographic.

“Super stoked to get COVID from cops when I go back to work in 2 weeks.”

Bruh, why do you assume black men and women are carrying disease? Easy on the racism there Cris Cross Eyed.

Travis wanted media attention because he thinks its newsworthy for employees to publicly shame customers and public servants, so he tagged Universal Hub.

But instead he just got Turtleboy. Stacy Radowitz also goes around demanding cops put masks on in public even though there’s a better chance that she shaved her pits this week than there is of her dying from COVID.

Travis really hates seems to hate the cops, which is understandable because he’s the kind of white guy who brags about “putting on stations with political music by black artists.”

Congrats dude, you figured out how to put Jam’n 94.5 on the presets. No one can ever question your commitment to racial justice now.

As you can see, Mr. F*** The Police likes to go around making insulting and dehumanizing comments about people because they’ve chosen to protect their communities from criminality for a living. He does so as a representative of the Square Root, and when he gets backlash for it the business forgives him. Does The Square Root have a policy that allows employees to publicly shame police officers (or any customers) on social media like this? Feel free to ask them on their Facebook page.


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