Roxbury High School Football Coach Assaults Georgetown Student, Makes False Allegation Of Racism In Order To Avoid Punishment By MIAA


Ever since Trump left office the fake hate crime epidemic magically disappeared. However, it appears as if a man named Jamaal Hunt, the football coach from Roxbury Prep Charter High School, is trying to bring them back.

Friday night football game between Georgetown High School and Roxbury Prep Charter High School ended in an altercation allegedly instigated by racially charged language. On Saturday morning, Roxbury’s assistant football coach Jamaal Hunt posted on Facebook about what happened.

“I broke down, I watched racism ruin what’s something that was supposed to be good to them, Friday night lights but instead we were ridiculed, called N bombs by players, faculty, staff, spectators and were taunted all night,” he wrote. “I was approached by police for absolutely no reason. There were reporters wanting to interview us, these same racist people that waited for a reaction. It was all a set up, cruisers and wagons. I’m angry that to this day things like this still happen, feeling powerless in a lose lose situation.”

The fight that broke out prematurely ended the game, and Georgetown Police assisted in dispersing the crowd. The final score was 44 to 8 against Roxbury.

So let me get this straight. The spectators, faculty, students, and players from the almost entirely white community of Georgetown felt emboldened to yell the n word at a bunch of black kids and coaches from Boston the entire game, and not one person caught any of this on tape?

Sounds legit.

I really can’t believe people still try this hoax. It wasn’t believable when Adam Jones said it, and it’s definitely a lot less believable now. As if kids AND teachers in Georgetown are so fearless and unaware of how our society works that they think it’s OK to just go around calling black kids the n word like it’s no big deal.

Oh, and Jamaal Hunt could coach anywhere, because every team in the state is looking to hire him. But he stays at Roxbury Charter School because he’s just grounded like that. A real local hero.

Anyone with common sense knows this never happened, yet Dan Hausle from 7 News was in the comments begging to use this unverified anecdote that defames an entire community, and blast it as something that definitely happened.

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He’s a very serious reporter because he wears a tie and believes everything he reads on Facebook.

Coach Hunt has no evidence to back up his allegation that the high school football game was nothing more than a setup to entrap his mostly black team in a hostile environment, and then arrest him for protecting his players from racism. Yet he reached this conclusion anyway. Why else would the police be there? It’s not like they regularly do details at high school football games everywhere.

Except a video of the incident shows that the real reason he was questioned by police was because he assaulted a 10th grader from Georgetown during the melee, and the only players using racial slurs were from Roxbury.

As you can see in that video, #63 from Roxbury calls the Georgetown fans, “Bitch ass n****s,” and #9 threatens them by saying, “I’m-a (Roxbury for ‘I’m going to’) see that n***a after the game.”

Then there’s the part where Coach Hunt grabs and violently throws a Georgetown child to the ground, before gently pushing his players back towards the sidelines.

Funny, didn’t mention that part in their story.

What really happened here is simple – Jamaal Hunt was caught on film assaulting someone else’s CHILD, he got questioned by police for it, knew that he would be facing discipline from the MIAA, and got out in front of it by attempting to make himself the victim of racism. Since then he’s been whining non-stop and virtue signaling about what a hero and civil rights icon he is for “shining a light” on imaginary racism, when in fact the only racism came from his team while they were getting creampied by Georgetown.

Dude, you went to BU and you’re softer than a heterosexual penis looking at pictures from the Women’s March. You wouldn’t last five second during actual civil rights confrontations in the 1960’s because you’re not built for that sort of thing. I know you have this whole “I got a job in Medford as an administrator, but I’m still a rough and tumble dude from the city” thing going on.


But at the end of the day you’re just not that guy. You’re this guy.

The only person crying about this incident (in which he was the aggressor and his players were out of control) more than Jamaal, was his wife Sadida Harris-Hunt.

She was supporting him in the comments when he was crying about how his “kids lives are in the balance,” even though they were yelling racial slurs and threatening to fight fans.

And she also posted this completely fabricated version of events about a game she did not attend.

Oh look, she tagged the media and the MIAA. Almost as if she knew her husband was going to get suspended and she had to get out in front of the story. My favorite addition to the story was that the refs were using racial slurs too. Might as well make this as dramatic and unbelievable as possible. Do you realize how dumb you have to be to believe that hundreds of white people were yelling racial slurs at black children and not one person caught any of it on tape? Literally nothing she said happened, the police were there because they have to be for games, and her husband is such a horrible coach that his team was down 44-8 to one of the smallest and whitest high schools in Massachusetts.

The Superintendent of course responded.

Georgetown Public Schools Superintendent Carol Jacobs put out a statement Saturday noting there was a “physical altercation” Friday involving players from both teams and several coaches. She said the cause and the allegations of the use of racially charged language are under investigation.

I want to clearly state that the Georgetown Public Schools will not tolerate racism in any form and is working with the Georgetown Police Department to investigate this allegation,” she wrote. “The district has reached out to the administration at Roxbury Prep Charter High School in an attempt to gather facts and resolve the issues. There are clearly strong emotions and many different versions of what happened at this game that is swirling around on social media. I ask for calm and patience as we investigate this situation and arrive at a resolution that considers all of the facts and is satisfactory to all parties involved.”

OK, but will you tolerate lying and race baiting in any form? Will you tolerate the media falsely smearing innocent people in your town, including children? Will you tolerate adults from other schools assaulting your students?

I do love how they have to include the caveat that they won’t “tolerate racism,” as if it was unclear what the official policy of the Georgetown Public Schools was on racial slurs. Since they don’t tolerate racism, she should probably demand that Coach Hunt never be allowed to coach again, since he’s coaching a team of racist student-athletes.

Whenever something like this happens the woke white people from the town that is being falsely accused of racism immediately come out and condemn their own community, just in case any black people are reading the comments, so that they can establish themselves as one of the “good ones.”

One of these people was Tali Marcelin.

Let’s see what she had to say.

Yea guys, the video doesn’t prove that racism didn’t happen. The racist fans knew someone had busted their iPhones out so they temporarily stopped yelling racial slurs. Sure, she wasn’t at the game and she realizes that the video proves her wrong, but she’s sticking to her story anyway and making up another story that her children told her the lie too.

Then there was Colby Patrie, a gender fluid he/they artist.

Obviously this is a person who should be taken seriously.

Colby believes it happened because Georgetown has a lot of white people, therefore it happened.

If a white kid from Georgetown yelled a racial slur at a black kid from Boston during that game, the only thing I’d be surprised by is that the white kid didn’t leave the field with his face bloodied. If you think incidents like this are commonplace, then you’re just not in touch with reality. There’s really no other way to put it.

Oh, and racism is also prevalent in Georgetown because one day when his parents die he will inherit their house, rather than letting a black family get it for free.

Hey Colby – put the quit in equity and just give your parent’s house to a black family. Try putting your money where your mouth is instead of virtue signaling about how woke you are on the Internet.

Jamaal Hunt should be fired and forced to apologize to the community of Georgetown for falsely accusing them of something they didn’t do in order to deflect from the fact that he assaulted a child and allowed his undisciplined racist team of loser kids to behave like savages because they were getting mercy ruled in the 3rd quarter.



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