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Salem Dad Steals Wife’s Car, Abandons Children To Start New Life In Texas With Woman He Met On XBox After Child Endangerment Arrest For Leaving Baby At Home To See Mistress


Last month we published a blog on a slovenly looking Anderson Cooper named Josh Sawall from Salem, who accused all cops of beating their wives and once was arrested for child endangerment after leaving his newborn baby at home to meet up with his drunken mistress before she crashed into a pole while his wife was out.

Police were called to the Carlton School parking lot by someone who witnessed an SUV crash into a sign pole. Officers arriving at the lot, which is off Skerry Street, spotted a Chevrolet Traverse parked across four spaces, with damage to its front end consistent with hitting a sign, which was on the ground nearby.  Inside, Morency was sitting on top of Sawall in the passenger seat. As the officers approached, she moved into the driver’s seat of the running SUV.  Neither wanted to give their names, and Morency denied being in an accident. Then, Sawall attempted to leave. After officers told him he couldn’t because they were investigating an accident, a struggle ensued, with Sawall yelling that he could do “whatever the (expletive) I want.” 

After the blog he messaged the Turtleboy Sports Facebook page and accused us of making his wife cry by simultaneously revealing him to be the worst father and the worst husband.

However, it looks like he doesn’t care about his wife as much as he was pretending to when he messaged because Josh announced last night that he’s moving to Texas and is getting divorced.

He’s gotten lots of pity from people since he’s portraying his wife as the bad guy who won’t let him see the kids. But what he didn’t point out was that he’s a full time unemployed gamer who met a girl on Xbox in Texas and decided to abandon his family to move there and be with her. He then took her car and their rent money from their shared bank account and left in the middle of the day without saying goodbye to the children he pretends to care about for Facebook likes.

It’s also not the first time he’s done this. Josh has a biological 10 year old who he signed over his rights to while he was in jail for, you guessed it, not paying his child support. Instead of owning up to his failures he spent years whining about it on Facebook and blaming the child’s mother, who is forced to care for their daughter alone since Josh willingly terminated his rights to see her.

Because nothing is ever his fault. Unfortunately for him he got called out on it by some women who exposed him for the self-victimizing toolbag that he is.

But as usual, he denied any wrongdoing, blamed his wife for everything, and told these women to stop throwing in their two “sense.”

It should be noted that the people crapping on him are women he’s known for many years who actually want what is best for him and aren’t afraid to call out his bullshit. But Josh values the opinions of skags on the Internet from gaming forums who have advised him that it’s a good idea to steal his wife’s car, move to Texas to be with a streamer, and abandon his young children without saying goodbye.

Yes Maureen, sometimes it is better for the kids if the parents split apart. But not when Daddy moves to Texas without saying goodbye and steals the car and rent money on his way out.

Josh is sick of hearing people criticize him for this well thought out life decision he just made, and as usual he’s blaming the wife who stood by him despite being repeatedly humiliated by him.

Yea dude, you’re the victim here. First you abandoned your 3 month old baby at home to get a knobjob from one of your drunken whores who didn’t let crashing into a pole get in the way of riding you, then you assaulted a cop, became TB famous, and left your wife and kids for a woman you met online playing video games. Maybe you’re the problem after all.


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