Salem State Professor Demands MIAA Take Action Against Billerica Students Doing Tomahawk Chop At Game Vs Somerville


Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello is a Somerville mother, and as you can tell by looking at her, she has perfected the art of making sure other people aren’t allowed to have any fun. 

If missionary style had a face.

As you can see from the hyphenated last name, the pretentious glasses, and her perpetual look that screams “I’m offended by that,” she is a Salem State University hack. Her official title is the “Department of Interdisciplinary Studies & Coordinator of American Studies at Salem State,” which is code for “can’t get a job in the real world.” People like this insulate themselves in the world of academia because they have no real world skills, so they get paid to be “social justice scholars.”

They drive up tuition rates for students who then become indebted and vote for Bernie. The circle of SJW life continues.

Elizabeth recently attended a Somerville vs. Billerica basketball match the other day and tweeted out her disgust that Billerica students and fans, whose mascot is the Indians, did the (gasp) tomahawk chop. After complaining to the Billerica AD and not receiving satisfaction, she urged people to contact the MIAA on Twitter, and let them know that they were also outraged.

The real irony here is that there is a 100% chance that this woman voted for Elizabeth Warren.

They’ll vote for and support a white woman who pretended to be Native American for decades in order to advance her career, but they won’t tolerate 16 year olds doing the most common chant in sports.

“I’m totally videotaping this, it’s ridiculous. Billerica High School. 2020.” 

Don’t give this woman tickets to a Florida State, Atlanta Braves, or Kansas City Chiefs game, she might clutch her pearls so hard they become embedded in her palms.

I almost can’t believe she’s real. Sometimes you think these people are caricatures that are exaggerated by the right to make liberals look bad. But the fact of the matter is that in Somerville and Cambridge, Karen’s like this are a dime a dozen, and they all think the same way.

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Then again, if she didn’t tweet that out then we’d never have this legendary back and forth.

That tweet needs to be framed.

Watch this video of Elizabeth’s recent trip to Greece as a “Fulbright scholar” and you’ll see exactly what kind of person we are dealing with here.

That might be the most pretentious, yuppie, out of touch with reality video that a white woman with a hyphenated last name has ever made. Just look at the setting.

A hipster coffee shop where everyone’s on their laptop and notices about upcoming protests are hung on the bulletin board with thumbtacks. This is every block in Williamsburg.

The language that she uses is such cringe.

“Prior to going to university…..”

If you’ve ever uttered the phrase “going to university,” you are the kind of person who keeps an eye on the plumber when they come over to make sure he doesn’t steal anything.

“Education can happen by looking at graffiti are in the city.”

White people who pretend that graffiti is some sort of cultural or artistic expression, instead of common vandals, are trying way too hard to pretend like they understand the plight of urban residents.

“I’m here in Greece as a Fulbright scholar. Being here as a scholar with my son.”

Translation – you got a paid vacation to go to Greece with your son. You’re a grown ass woman, not a “scholar.” Scholars are kids learning how to do long division. All you’re doing is exploiting the university system in order to avoid ever getting a real job.

“I would encourage anyone to apply for Fulbright if they are willing to be transformed. To really be willing to take 3 or 4 or 6 or 12 months of your life, and let go of what you think you know, let go of what you do normally, and really allow yourself to be in a place with people who are educating you.”

Imagine being so out of touch that you think a normal person can afford to take 12 months off from their life in order to go to Greece and become a “scholar?”

This is the same woman who recently wrote an article in the Salem News trashing her employer for not hiring enough people of color.

The literature is clear, seeing themselves represented among faculty is a key contributor to the success of students of color. And while President Keenan observed in the same address that “we must be as inclusive as we are diverse,” currently at SSU we are actively recruiting Latinx and African American students while denying them the indispensable role modeling and mentoring that only faculty of color provide, often despite the lack of institutional recognition. The reality is the institution has not made a priority fighting elements of our campus culture such as the racist and sexist microaggressions faced by faculty of color.

Imagine ever using the word “microaggression” in a sentence without mocking someone for using that word?

Hey Becky, here’s an idea – why don’t you give up your job for a qualified person of color? Seriously, what’s stopping you? I know you feel good about yourself by writing this letter, but actions speak louder than words. Also, you may not realize this, but when you say that “only faculty of color” can provide mentoring for black and brown students, you’re being extremely racist. It’s no different than saying that only white faculty can mentor white students.

This woman and people like her are everything that is wrong with the world today, and people like her are the reason that Donald Trump is going to win re-election in November.


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