Sandwich School Committee Karen Member Resigns After Sending Drunken Threats To RN, Passing Out During Zoom Meeting 


This is Sandwich School Committee member Angela Dalpe.

Local newspaper reporter Mark Snyder recently reported that Angela abruptly resigned, but did not explain why.

What Mr. Snyder failed to point out was that on May 6 he posted about social distancing on a town Facebook page that he runs, and since this is a contentious topic two months into a lockdown it led to hundreds of comments. As usual, it was people with common sense vs. an army of Karens. One of the women involved in the conversation then received this message from Angela Dalpe, who she had never spoken to or met before.

Well, that escalated quickly!

In this case it was the nurse who was pointing out the ridiculousness and hysteria of the Karens, which evidently Angela did not take kindly to, prompting her to send that lovely message. Angela is a LPN herself, and a card carrying Karen.

And apparently she’s no stranger to boxed wine, since she passed out drunk at the last School Committee meeting on Zoom. Luckily her boyfriend came on a minute later and ended the video feed so the general public was spared from watching her drool herself into a coma.

I’m honestly impressed that she lasted a full 40 minutes. She was in rough shape from the moment she arrived.

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That American flag for absolutely no reason in the background is just fantastic too.

Mark Snyder for whatever reason chose not to include any of this very relevant and hilarious information in his story and press release, because according to him he wanted to “let her go out with some dignity.”

In other words, he’s covering up the truth. Luckily at TB Daily News we are not here to protect the dignity of ratchets because they surrendered their dignity the moment they began threatening people they disagree with and passing out piss drunk during School Committee meetings.


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