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School Bus Company Orders Drivers To Open All Windows Fully During Sub Zero Weather Because Parents Complained They Weren’t Following COVID Guidelines


A high school bus driver in a regional school district posted today on Facebook about the reality of COVID rules on school buses, and it’s mind boggling.

Protecting kids from a virus that couldn’t possibly kill them if they tried, by making them all get sick from sitting on a bus for an hour with freezing cold wind blowing in their face, is sadly par for the course when it comes to our government’s reaction to this “pandemic.”

Everything we’re doing is the exact opposite of what we should be doing, and all it’s doing is prolonging this nonsense. There is only one way out of this – herd immunity. It’s really that simple. Sweden did it, they had a bump at first, and now it’s over. They’re the most normal country on earth, and we are the most screwed because we constantly double down on what is clearly not working.

These are the DESE guidelines for school buses.

For windows it’s as follows:

  • Keep windows open at all times during operation, unless not possible due to extreme weather conditions.

So what defines “extreme weather conditions?” I spoke with this bus driver, who is clearly concerned about the health and safety of children, and according to the driver it’s completely up to parents who call the school and complain. Instead of the schools telling these parents to driver their kids to school if they don’t like it, they bow to their demands and force the drivers to close all the windows. (Also, what kind of kid complains to Mom that the windows on the bus are up? A wedgie used to fix problems like this back in the 90’s.) Here’s what the driver tell me.

So what’s happening is drivers are trying to manage how cold it is in the bus and there are people complaining to the schools and the bus company so the bus company is getting on off open our windows this morning we heard it numerous times, open your windows. But it’s already too cold in the morning. So we’re the ones on the bus trying to make the decisions and we’re being overruled by complainers who think that our window have to be open all the way. And technically they’re supposed to be but who is it that it’s determining severe weather conditions?

The problem is we’re closing them and keeping them less open and we’re getting complaints, and the complaints get yelled at us that we have to open our windows, so who decides extreme conditions? Some buses are in town it’s not that big of a deal to keep the windows open, but a lot of us are traveling through multiple towns that speed for long periods of time. 

I’m not the one answering the phone I’m just the one that gets order to open my windows because there are complaints coming in I don’t know what parties are complaining. The school’s tell the bus company and the bus company tells us. We do what the school’s tell us and the schools have to follow the state guidelines. But the guidelines are clearly not clear about extreme conditions and who’s the one deciding what they are?

In other words, “extreme” means, “whatever doesn’t get us phone calls from overbearing parents.”

Then this morning one of the bus companies (which I’d personally like to name and shame, but have been requested not to by the source for fear of losing their job) sent out this email, which basically says that there is no weather extreme enough to ever keep the windows on the bus closed.


Bus company: “No exceptions.”

Actual DESE guidelines: “Unless not possible due to extreme weather conditions.”

In other words, the bus companies and the schools are intentionally disregarding the guidelines because it’s easier to do that than stand up to some coronabro parent loser.

If there are “no exceptions” and the windows must be all the way down the entire ride, and their solution is to tell your kids to “bundle up” in what will soon be sub zero temperatures, then these companies and schools are abusing your children. They’re intentionally getting them sick in order for them to avoid getting sick. Ironically they’ll come down with a cold, which has the same symptoms as COVID, which will cause everyone to freak out and schools will never be able to fully open again.

“When you are not following the rules you are making our company look bad.”

Wrong. When you tell drivers that they have to have the windows down on 35 degree days YOU are making your own company look bad. Luckily you’ve created an atmosphere of fear and intimidation in your non-unionized drivers, so they’re too afraid to let me expose you as the child abusing company that you are.

Stop abusing children.


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