Second Graders In Taunton Traumatized After Sibling Of Student “Discovers Himself” For 8 Minutes During Remote Learning On Zoom


My daughter started remote kindergarten learning this week and although it’s been a complete disaster thus far, it pales in comparison to what some Taunton parents saw during their second grade children’s “school day” this week.

A parent who says she witnessed the virtual class in which a young student allegedly engaged in sexual “conduct” on camera disputes the school department’s assertion that the teacher “acted quickly” to shut the incident down. Parent Rebecca Fahey said she was helping her 7-year-old daughter, who has just entered second grade this year, log into her 1 p.m. art class Tuesday when she witnessed the incident.

“The teacher — she had no control,” said Fahey, who estimated that the incident lasted five to eight minutes.

Taunton Public Schools Superintendent John Cabral confirmed in a written statement Wednesday that “inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature involving a student” occurred during an elementary school remote learning class and was witnessed by students. Cabral said the incident occurred Tuesday, the second day of classes, at around 1 p.m. and was quickly reported to the principal of the school, Galligan Elementary.

“Unfortunately, the conduct was witnessed by students who were attending their class remotely,” he wrote. “The teacher and Galligan School acted quickly, ending the remote meeting and relaying the circumstances to the Superintendent of Schools, and to other authorities, as is our protocol.”

But Fahey and another parent who said she saw a video of the incident dispute the district’s characterization of what happened.  Fahey said the incident started when her daughter was in a sidebar video chat with another student and the student in question. The student, who she said wasn’t part of the class, was running around, yelling expletives and showing a drawing to the camera. Fahey turned on her daughter’s microphone and asked the child, who she said appeared to be a third or fourth grader, to stop, but then closed the window and joined the main classroom.

Around 12:55 p.m., Fahey said, approximately 10 children were logged on to the main classroom when the misbehaving student logged on and began the same disruptive behavior. The teacher, she said, had not logged on yet, and there seemed to be no adults near the disruptive child.

“He then pulled the front of his pants down. He was a fully erect young boy. He was waving it in front of the camera. He was bending over and showing his bottom,” she said.

Fahey said her daughter covered her eyes and didn’t see anything, and she quickly pulled her away from the screen. But many of the other children saw what had happened before covering their eyes or closing their laptop. Parents tried to cover their children’s eyes and began yelling, Fahey said. The video chat erupted with screams and parents telling the other children who did not have adults around to look away and get an adult, Fahey said. Eventually the teacher logged on, and Fahey said she was seemingly unable to shut down the video chat or kick the problem child off the chat.

“She (the teacher) was yelling for him to stop. She was crying into the camera — ‘I don’t know what to do.’ She was mortified. You could see she was scared.”

Parent Jessica Dejesus, whose 7-year-old daughter was at the YMCA when she witnessed the incident, said she saw the incident later on a recording. She said similarly that the teacher didn’t seem to know how to handle the situation, and that she was on the phone during part of the video, probably calling someone asking for help, muting and unmuting herself.″[My daughter] came home from her program yesterday and she was crying and I asked her and she didn’t want to talk about it,” Dejesus said. “She said she doesn’t want to go back on there because she doesn’t want to see anything else.”

Sure, those kids are probably traumatized for life now, but THANK GOD their teacher didn’t get COVID. That would be scary!

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The school tried covering this up too. The letter they sent out doesn’t do the story justice, and makes it seem like something slightly inappropriate happened, but it was ended quickly by the teacher. In reality a bunch of 7 year olds just got an unsolicited crash course in a life skill that they will exercise many, many times as they get older, and the teacher was helpless to stop it. The school is downplaying it because they know that they chose to do this.

It sounds like an older sibling of one of these kids “discovered himself” on his brother or sister’s computer and decided to put on a show. This will happen again, as it’s unreasonable to ask parents to sit with their kids all day when they have work to do and teacher’s salaries to pay. Older siblings will mess around on their computers again because they’re in their homes and they feel like they can get away with it. Kids who witness behavior like this will never be the same, and it’s all because the teacher’s union and School Committees in these districts insist that it’s “unsafe” to return to school. But since when is it safe to expose 7 year old kids to kiddie porn?

As a result of the selfishness of those who resist returning to school because they’re pretending to be scared of a virus that has no chance of killing them, children must suffer. These people are beyond selfish, as they are willing to sacrifice the emotional and mental development of children in order to protect themselves from a virus that has no chance of killing the children, and almost no chance of killing any healthy teacher that gets it. They have put their safety ahead of the safety of your children.

I feel bad for the teacher, unless she’s one of the teachers who wanted remote learning. If she is then she is responsible for these poor 7 year olds getting exposed to erect kiddie schmenzer as a direct result of her selfish desire to work from home. If she wanted to be back then she’s a victim too, and I hope she vocalizes her desire to return to school to the union.

My question is, what happens now? Who gets punished here? The older kid isn’t in the class. Are they going to punish their parents? Are we requiring them to sit by the computer all day and not get paid? If a kid in the class does it next time do you suspend them? How do you get suspended from a Zoom call? If this is happening in a 2nd grade classroom just think about what could happen in an 8th grade classroom where the kids are old enough to be at home without parents, and without a teacher to stop them from misbehaving. I think back to some of some of the craziest kids I had at Fanning Learning Center and the field day they would have with this. The possibilities are endless.

Remote learning so far in this household is an absolutely disaster, and it’s heartbreaking to watch your child sit through this. What I’ve witnessed thus far could be categorized as child abuse. It’s inhuman to put 5 year olds in front of a computer screen for hours at a time. It’s vital for their development to move around, play, and talk to other kids, and they’re being robbed of this because the selfish teacher’s union doesn’t wanna get COVID.

Ninety percent of the day so far from what I’ve seen is teachers trying to get kids to mute their mics. Most kids don’t get called on for hours. Every kid had to have a parent next to them who basically acts as the teacher’s aide and gets the kids glue sticks, paper, etc. I’m sure a lot of these parents had to quit their jobs or sacrifice their businesses in order to do so, and we’re just kind of poo-pooing that like it’s nothing. What are single Moms doing? What are 2 parent families where both parent have to be at work doing?

I can’t tell you the amount of contempt I have for teachers who think this is acceptable to do to children. We are doing all of this for them, because the vast majority of parents want to return.  We are being held hostage by their irrational fear of a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate, which is killing 5% of the people it was killing in April.

Nine people in Massachusetts died with COVID on Monday, not from COVID, since 94% of COVID deaths already had comorbidities. Hardly anyone is dying directly from this anymore. Lots of people will get it, but it doesn’t matter because they’re not dying from it.

The worst part is that instead of just admitting that this can’t work and kids need to be back in school, team lockdown will just blame this on Trump.

They don’t care. They’re willing to let children suffer to prove their point – this is all Trump’s fault. They want kids to be at home suffering because then their parents will be upset and they’ll vote for change in November. If you think the pandemic will end if you wash your hands and wear a mask everywhere then you are a very stupid person who shouldn’t be allowed to vote in the first place.

Parents need to start fighting back. Any teacher who insists on remote learning is an enemy to our children and we need to start treating them like that. We need to start documenting this. If you’re interested in anonymously sharing your experiences with remote learning please email me at [email protected] You can send pictures or video, and I would not use any of them without your permission. If I did use it with your permission all faces would be blurred out. Likewise, if you are a teacher who wants to be back in the classroom and has a horror story to tell about remote learning I’d love to hear from you too. We are being held hostage by a selfish union and our children are being hurt because of it. This is abusive. The teachers work for us, and it’s time we reminded them of that.


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