Self-Described “Dope Rapper” Disrupts Peaceful Blue Lives Matter Rally In West Brookfield With Racial Slurs And Profanities 


A small pro-police rally was disrupted over the weekend in West Brookfield by a local rapper who was dressed to impress and wanted to let the peaceful supporters know what he thought about police.

I’ve heard a lot of excuses for using the n word before, but I’ve never heard this one.

“I can say it because I’m a dope rapper.”

Best recognize foo!

IEP Diddy’s likes include the n word, red ensembles, and pants on 90 degree days. His dislikes include cops, Trump, and hygiene.

“What n***a? Bitch ass n***a!!”

“Im a dope ass rapper. Fuck Trump. Fuck blue lives murder.”

Woman: Get away from me.

“Fuck you n****a!! Blue lives murder.”

“You’re a fucking retard. You’re a fucking snitch. Go fuck yourself n***a.”

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When he first approached it appeared as if he was lifting his shirt up to show the police supporters that he was strapped, as has been seen in many gangsta movies.

But as it turned out he was not strapped, and was just trying to air out his milky pupa as it glistened in the sun beneath his dollar store gold chains, and accentuated his K-Mart brand zebra underpants.

Let’s give Crack Miller a break though – he’s new to the rap game. In time you’ll know that if you show in West Brookfield and attempt to support law and order, this will likely be the last face you’ll ever see.

If I’m being perfectly honest, I have to say that I wish more BLM protesters were like this. Rappers standing up for social justice by yelling racial slurs from across Route 9 is way more entertaining than white people on megaphones yelling, ” No Trump, no KKK, no racist USA.”

Yea that guy sucks. He’s not very fun at all.

Anyway, if anyone knows IEP Diddy’s real name let me know. I guess he threatened everyone there before leaving too. Seems like a swell guy and I’d love to have him on the live show so he can promote his new album.


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