Sharon Teacher Who Travelled With Her Kids To Hockey Tournaments All Summer Refuses To Return To Work Due To Concerns Over COVID 


In August the Sharon School Committee voted for their public schools to reopen with a hybrid model, but in an act of defiance the teachers refused to go back, citing air quality and health issues. The teachers later admitted this was a violation of the law, so they caved a couple weeks ago and agreed to return. As it turns out teachers will do as they are told and miraculously get over their fears if they realize they won’t get paid if they don’t. Nobody is actually afraid of COVID. Nobody.

This is Kristen Phinney from Avon, a first grade teacher in Sharon and a high ranking member of the teacher’s union.

The Sharon teachers sent out this fear mongering letter in August filled with misinformation and outright lies, explaining why they don’t want to go back to work. Read the end.

“It is extremely inequitable to tell children who have already lived in fear of their little brother dying.”

A grand total of ZERO human beings under the age of 20 have died from COVID in Massachusetts. It is nearly impossible for your child to die from the rona. I highly doubt a single child in Sharon was worried about their little brother dying from it, but if they were then it was a direct result of baseless fear porn from selfish adults like these teachers.

“Remote learning is the only option.”

Actually, another option is just returning to school without masks or social distancing, much like they did in Sweden where herd immunity has all but eliminated COVID in the country. They could also return with the masks and reasonable precautions. Either way, kids don’t die from COVID so there’s definitely other options than not going to school. And since remote learning is quite literally child abuse it shouldn’t be considered an option at all.

This same woman who is too petrified of a virus to go to work and do her job properly had no problem sending her own kids to play in indoor ice hockey tournaments when they were still banned in MA, and signed them up for a 5 week indoor ice hockey camp while advocating that tournaments be allowed to return to MA for her kids’ sport only.

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Question – did Kristen check the air quality in the arena before going in? Seems like every teacher is an HVAC expert now and they’d never step in a building that hasn’t been approved by a fellow HVAC expert.

She also posted pictures of her daughter and another girl (not family) in a hotel room in New Hampshire for one of the tournaments. Obviously they were not wearing masks.

According to Kristen this was all OK because “we can’t hide forever,” and hockey players, unlike other sports, wear masks as part of their uniforms.

Except you don’t wear your uniform in a hotel room with a child from another family. We can’t live in fear forever, but we can close schools indefinitely because we’re living in fear.

Kristen lives in Avon, which apparently is doing a hybrid model. However, kids there have the option of doing fully remote, it’s just done on an online platform instead of with their teachers and friends. Kristen says she feels “forced” to send her kids back to school as a result.

If we’re showing pictures of kids I’d love to share some videos of my 5 year old crying in front of a computer screen and asking me why she can’t go to school and make friends. She stares at a screen from 9-12 every day and they call it an education. But yea, I feel really bad for the fact that you’re using your kid as a prop to avoid doing the job the taxpayers pay you to do.

The real reason she doesn’t want to go to school is because she doesn’t want to figure out who’s watching the kids on the days they don’t go into school. As a parent I understand this dilemma, which is why Governor Baker should simply mandate that all public schools open fully immediately. He did it with businesses by snapping his fingers, I assure you he can do it with the schools too. Regardless, she chose to have her kids do remote instead of sending them back to school, so any anxiety they’re feeling is 100% her fault. Maybe if they turned his classroom into a hockey arena she’d feel more comfortable.

Kristen also doesn’t want to go back because it’s gonna be 90 degrees in October and she’ll have to wear a mask. Plus, she knows other families where the kids not only got COVID, they got sick from it too.

Of course she’s literally making that up. She’s just flat out lying. She doesn’t know anyone whose child got sick from COVID. She’s just a lazy hypocrite who enjoys working from home, doesn’t like commuting from Avon to Sharon, and thinks that everyone else’s kids should be deprived from participating in things they love while her kids carry on like business as usual.

People like this are evil. We trusted them with our children assuming they’d look out for their best interests. Instead they only look out for themselves.


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