Shiva Ayyudarai Can’t Answer Questions About Alleged Voter Fraud, Had Meltdown, Told Interviewer To Perform Oral On Candidate Who Beat Him


Shiva Ayyudarai lost the Republican primary for US Senate to Kevin O’Connor by 53,000 votes. However, instead of accepting the fact that he got blown out Shiva is whining about voter fraud without a shred of evidence to back up his claim. He said he wanted to come on the live show to talk about it, but then an hour before we were supposed to go live he said he couldn’t because his lawyers told him he had to wait and he couldn’t release the “evidence.”

Shiva then refused to come on the show because I said I would be voting for the Republican nominee in November, and would not be writing in his name so he could draw votes away from the guy who beat him fairly. He also demanded I refer to the guy who beat him as “kock sucker.” He finally agreed to come on and it was a wild interview. Although he comes across as a complete lunatic (he is), I’d still vote for him again in Massachusetts because republicans can’t win here so you might as well nominate the crazy guy. (Never miss an episode by subscribing to our YouTube channel here.)

Here’s some of my favorite parts.

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UT: “What evidence do you have that there was voter fraud Tuesday?”

SA: “Wait a minute, just wait. You need to understand the context because if you’re gonna go to a reductionist model then I’m not gonna do this call.”

UT: “OK.”

SA: “Wait a minute, you’re talking to a guy who’s a scientist who studies this stuff, who studies statistics and mathematics.”

Shiva is very smart.



SA: This fucking guy (O’Connor), your cock fucker, cock sucker, was nowhere to be found. Appointed by Charlie Baker, gave money to Markey.


Shiva also has done some very scientific polling prior to the election.


SA: On the day of the campaign people told me Shiva you have this in a landslide. Multiple polling stations. Sixty-forty across the board? Uh-uh.

A guy who works for him told him he was gonna win in a landslide.

He lost.

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Conclusion – voter fraud.


He also used the Bristol Blarney method too.


SA: “339 views on his Youtube videos. We have 1.2 million. And he gets 1.5 the votes that I do? Unheard of.”

YouTube views. 1.2 million people watched a video he made.

Most don’t live in Massachusetts.

Conclusion –  voter fraud.


We spent half the interview defining the word evidence, since he had none.


And every time I brought up something that suggested that voter fraud didn’t occur he cried, accused me of setting him up, and threatened to leave.


UT: You said to me yesterday that voter turnout would increase by 25%. Instead it was almost the exact same as 2018, about 250K votes were cast in the primary both times. And that to you is evidence you believe that ballots are missing. However, what you’re not taking into account is that in 2018, only 600K people voted in the democratic primary, whereas this time around 1.4 million people voted in the democratic primary.

SA: Aidan, you seem to already have a decision and you seem to want me to defend myself. So I’m not here to do this with you because you seem to be setting me up when I can’t share the evidence.

UT: I’m not setting you up.

SA: If you want me to give you my rational argument I’ll do that because I’m not gonna get set up.


Shiva was invited by the Mass GOP to debate Kevin O’Connor but refused to. I asked why. He refused to answer.


SA: If you wanna have a scientific discussion with a scientist then we can do that.

UT: Can I ask a question?

SA: No, we should have a framework for this discussion.

UT: All I wanna know is why you didn’t debate Kevin O’Connor.

SA: You know what? Discussion over. Because Mass GOP, this is what I knew you were gonna do.

UT: What? Ask questions?

SA: They didn’t give me a chance to debate in 2018. Go ask them why they wouldn’t let me debate. I’m not gonna debate a guy who’s not worthy of my debate.

UT: Not worthy? He beat you.

SA: It’s over. You don’t wanna have a real discussion.

UT: We are having a real discussion.

SA: You’re supporting Baker. You’re a Baker boy.

UT: We’re supposed to be having a conversation here.

SA: No we’re not. We’re supposed to talk about voter fraud and you’re talking about an argument put forward about the establishment because a guy is a cock sucker and didn’t have any viewers and was gonna use me to get viewership when the Mass GOP colluded with the Warren campaign to keep me off the debate stage. Until they apologize there’s no debate.

SA: You listen to me. I’m a person of integrity. I’m a person of principles. When they follow principals then we’ll talk about debates. You go turn your guns and ask them why they kicked you off the debate stage three times. Otherwise you have no authority to ask me. And if you wanna talk about that go call the Boston Globe and WBZ about why they kept a bonafide candidate off the stage.

TL;DR – he wasn’t invited to debate in 2018 because he was NOT the republican nominee then either, therefore he shouldn’t have to debate the republican nominee in 2020, and if you think he should then you’re a “Baker boy.”


Then he accused me of not covering the fact that he was kept out in 2018.

UT: You haven’t answered the question.

SA: I don’t have to answer the question. Who are you? I’m on equal footing with you. I do journalism myself.

UT: Joe Kennedy debated Ed Markey like 10 times.

SA: When they can put me on the debate stage, there were three debates they kept me off, I didn’t see you bring this up, did you?

UT: I actually did.

SA: No you didn’t.

UT: To the archives.

Here is a quote from a 2018 blog I wrote criticizing Geoff Diehl and arguing why Shiva should be able to debate.




He legitimately said that O’Connor was not his opponent.

Except he was, and he beat Shiva pretty handily. But Shiva totally would’ve destroyed him if he wanted to.

SA: I would’ve destroyed this guy on the debate stage.

UT: You didn’t debate him.

SA: We’re not gonna give him access to my viewership, that’s what he wanted because he has no viewers.

UT: He doesn’t need your viewers, he won easily.

SA: People wanna associate themselves with the aura.

UT: You turned down a debate with him, that’s the bottom line.

SA: This looks like it’s a set up. I think that’s what you did because you needed me to get some viewership. And I’m hearing that all the comments are negative.

I was totally gonna kick this guy’s ass the other day for looking at me the wrong way in the grocery store, but I didn’t wanna injure my blogging hand on his face.


More BS.

SA: If you wanna talk about election fraud we will. Do you wanna talk about election fraud?

UT: Sure.

SA: If you wanna talk about him go get him and you can have all your people go talk to him if you think he’s a good guy.

UT: I’ll have anybody on.

SA: You know what Aidan? I’m not a monkey to be played with.

SA: I’m not gonna be disrespected. You told me this was gonna be about election fraud.

UT: This is about election fraud.

SA: No it isn’t.

UT: We’re talking about this election. You’re officially down 53,000 votes and you’re saying 100,000 votes are missing, where are they?

SA: What do you wanna talk about Aidan? Do you wanna have an open conversation about what we talked about in our campaign, or do you wanna just look good in front of your audience? Do you want eyeballs? Because that’s what it looks like you want.

UT: I wanna have a conversation about election fraud.

SA: So how do you wanna have that conversation?

SA: This is not a conversation, you’re not interrogating me. I’m not gonna do that.

UT: I’m asking you questions.

SA: You’re asking where are the 100,000?

UT: You’re alleging voter fraud. It’s a pretty serious accusation.

SA: It’s pretty serious idiocity if you’re saying it didn’t occur and questioning the legitimacy of my conclusions. Either we’re gonna stop this or we’re gonna have a framework for a conversation.

UT: Sounds like you’re not letting me ask questions.

SA: It’s a 2 way conversation, it’s not your show, it’s our show. I don’t need eyeballs I have my own.

UT: You have an echo chamber.

SA: That’s insulting, this discussion is over. You have an echo chamber shitting on me in the comments. Don’t talk to me about an echo chamber that’s fucking insulting. Michelle is anyone shitting on him.

UT: But…

SA: Shut the fuck up. You shut the fuck up and listen.



UT: 156,000 people voted for him, he had visibility.

SA: Oh really? You’re assuming there was no voter fraud.

UT: You’ve yet to explain how there was voter fraud.

SA: I told you my lawyers are filing a suit I’ll bring this all forward next week.

UT: You said yesterday you had evidence.

SA: I said we’re getting evidence but evidence is unambiguous predictions. You’re living in an echo chamber, why don’t you come on the ground with me tomorrow?

UT: I voted for you Shiva, but every single Republican I talked to voted for Kevin O’Connor.

SA: That’s not what I heard.

UT: I have pictures of ballots.


UT: The definition of evidence is the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.

SA: You don’t have engineering degrees, you don’t have science.

SA: What is the definition of visibility? 

UT: You tell me.

SA: It’s like the number one thing in election theory. You’re telling me what evidence is when you don’t know what visibility is.

UT: You wouldn’t debate him. Why wouldn’t you debate him?

SA: Why don’t you go suck his cock?

UT: Maybe that’s why you lost. 

SA: Maybe why we lost is people like you who claim like they’re against Baker are here arguing against a guy who ran a real campaign against the Mass GOP against a guy who had no visibility. You seem to be having a good time masturbating with yourself.

Shiva the diva.

Like I said, I’d still vote for him. He’s completely full of shit and he knows his base is filled with idiots who will blindly believe that this election was stolen from him. But at least it’s entertaining. I will say that he’s a huge coward and much like Joe Biden he’s clearly afraid to debate because he knows he’d look ridiculous. He just wants to seem like there’s a conspiracy to keep him out because if he’s not the victim then he has nothing to complain about. And for a guy who invented email you’d think he could get a wifi connection.