Shoutout To This Guy Who Gave Turtleboy Credit For Breaking Dedham Christmas Tree Story And Was Featured On Jesse Waters Primetime


On Tuesday night Fox News host Jesse Waters allegedly wouldn’t allow Dedham resident Jason Brogan to mention the blog that broke the story he was taking credit for, in regards to the Dedham library getting rid of their Christmas tree because it was offensive. But last night on his show he played footage from Tuesday’s Board of Trustees meeting in which he had no choice but to a resident to mention where the story came from. Watch:

Shoutout to that guy for citing his sources!

That right there is a man of integrity. I’d be happy to send him a free TB sweatshirt for Christmas if he would like to reach out to me at [email protected], or Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook.

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Of course the only reason Jesse Waters aired the clip is because he thanked Turtleboy directly BEFORE he thanked Jesse Waters. That’s gotta sting.

Anyway, I’m just glad sanity was briefly restored to Dedham and that we helped the good guys defeat the communists.