Shrewsbury High School Forces Students To Listen To Poem On Intercom Calling Police Racist Predators, School Committee Member Calls Parent’s Concerns “Disrespectful Garbage”


For Black History Month Shrewsbury High School allowed a student to read a 4 minute poem on the intercom, which the entire school was forced to listen to. The poem was extremely racist and demonized police officers as blood thirsty killers of black men, and it was sanctioned by Principal Todd Bazydlo and Superintendent Joseph Sawyer.

Poetry is just a way for uncreative writers to communicate their message in a failed attempt to sound smarter than they actually are. If you took that whole thing and wrote it in a paragraph it wouldn’t be the least bit interesting at all. But if you read it out loud in iambic pentameter while periodically closing your eyes and accenting certain words you make dumb people think you’re actually an inspiring person.

Here are some quotes that stood out:

Tell em what to do when the cops is coming for you

Moms telling him since he was 2

Saying they going to protect you?

Don’t be fooled 

They going to kill you something you never knew

The Shrewsbury Public Schools are forcing their students to listen to dangerous anti-police rhetoric that gets cops killed in this country every day. In the last 5 years in this state Ron Tarentino, Sean Gannon, and Michael Chesna have all been murdered in the line of duty. All of them were killed by anti-police career criminals. And any parent who teaches their 2 year old that cops are going to kill them, instead of protect them, should have their children removed by DCF. It’s a form of child abuse.

Grieving dead like a forbidden fruit

As long as they black don’t care who

Don’t care about they kids or bout what they been through

No excuses for what they did they on the floor turning blue

So easy to kill watching how the bullet flew

So easy to kill watching but they human too

Police are indifferent to murdering black people. They don’t care who, as long as they’re black. This is a message promoted by Shrewsbury High School administration.

Chief say we just be policing 

Even though they wanna kill they stay creeping

Now he forever gone he sleeping

they all wonder why Kaepernick was kneeling

They all wonder why Malcolm and Martin was speaking

The public schools have completely failed this child if she believes that Colin Kaepernick is at all similar to Martin Luther King. One was assassinated for trying to obtain civil and voting rights for black people. The other was paid millions of dollars not to work by a corporation that profits off of child slave labor in China. One championed a cause that directly threatened the establishment and was wildly unpopular in southern states. The other joined a trendy cause that was sponsored by Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s.

This hate hasn’t changed

We gotta rearrange

We gotta stop the grieving

Been happening for so long

But now people start to see it

The hate hasn’t changed? If this student truly believes that racial resentment in 2022 is at all equivalent to the type of racial hatred that civil rights leaders had to endure in the 1950’s and 60’s then she is completely ignorant, and her teachers should all be fired.

The student also defended looting and rioting, and blamed white people for talking about it:

Woman on the news talking about looting

Seeing they start to steal it

Oh y’all put that on the news but y’all don’t watch Floyd so don’t believe it

White woman on the news is the one start beefing

People watching the news saying all black people are bad 

Well media’s deceiving

Now he’s no longer breathing

So put down the gun and look what you’ve done

Rioting and looting is the fault of white women in the media exclusively. This is a message that Shrewsbury High School forced children to accept.

White cops also like to kill black people before going home to eat steak because they’re filled with hate, and they’re natural predators.

Thats a humans life you decided to take

While white cop goes home and eats a steak

You’re filled with hate

This is simply a game of predator and prey

Referring to police officers as predators. This is a message approved of by the Shrewsbury Public Schools.

Does Shrewsbury High School allow anyone to get on their intercom and deliver a hateful screed like this? Will they allow a student to read a poem calling all teachers pedophiles, since too many teachers to count have been caught having sex with students? Will they allow a Nazi to read something out loud about how Jews are the cause of the world’s problems? Will they allow a student to read something about black people being the cause of our country’s problems? How about illegal immigrants? If not, then why do they allow students to demonize white people and police officers in such a manner? Feel free to email Principal Todd Bazydlo and ask him yourself: [email protected].

Congressional candidate Jeffrey Sosa-Paquette lives in Shrewsbury and has kids in the school. He delivered an impassioned speech about the poem, along with shocking BLM propaganda that is being distributed in the public schools:

Good speech.

Unfortunately this guy didn’t think so:

His name is Jason Palitsch. He’s an establishment Democrat, not a progressive. There is a distinction:

  • Progressives like Bernie Sanders, Ed Markey, and AOC say the silent part out loud and thus will never have any real power, but they push the party more to the left because they have to be appeased. They know they will never get nominated to be President, and that their political ladder only goes so far, but they’re OK with that because their primary goal isn’t power.
  • Establishment Democrats are people like Mayor Pete, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden. Unlike progressives their goal is to gain power, so they avoid slogans like “defund the police” because they know it’s unpopular. Ultimately when they gain power they cater to the progressives though, because they need their support.

Jason ran for State Rep in 2015 in a very blue district, but lost to the Republican candidate Hannah Kane. However, his primary goal is to gain power, which is why he rubs elbows with the most powerful people in the state.

He knows how to play the game.

State Rep was out of reach in 2015, but he’s young so he has time to climb the ladder. Despite having no children of his own he decided he wanted to be on the Shrewsbury School Committee, because this could be used as a stepping stone for his next run for statewide office. However, his concern is certainly not the children, his concern is gaining power. And the way to gain power in the Democratic Party is to denounce concerned parents at School Committee meetings as domestic terrorists and white supremacists, which Attorney General Merrick Garland has already done. Jason followed Garland’s lead last night in calling this parent’s concerns “disrespectful garbage.”

“What we just saw was a rare, ugly public outburst. I know a lot of our staff have been subject to verbal abuse in recent times.”

How dare the peasants challenge their local government! How dare parents speak out against state sanctioned racism! Didn’t they get the memo? We have all the power. Your concerns are nothing but “ugly public outbursts” and “verbal abuse.”

“We have a lot of people are on the receiving end of disrespectful garbage like that.”

What exactly was disrespectful about speaking out against racism and hate? Why is this white supremacist in an overwhelmingly white, upper middle class town vilifying an anti-racist speaker? Why does he think it’s OK for the Shrewsbury Public Schools to disrespect the family of police officers, especially those murdered in the line of duty? What an ugly, horrible, power hungry monster Jason Palitsch is.

I’d take 100 Ilhan Omar’s any day of the week over someone like this. At least she knows she’s not going anywhere higher than she is now. People like Jason always have aspirations for higher office, and they’re willing to vilify, attack, and hurt anyone in order to do that. Including concerned parents speaking out against racism.


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