Sleeping Giants Founder Matt Rivitz Dares Me To Post My Address After White Knighting For Oppressed New York Times Reporter Who Says Tucker Carlson Ruined Her Life


This is New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz.

She grew up in one of the wealthiest cities in America (Greenwich, CT), and attended a $90K a year Swiss boarding school. She began working for Teen Vogue and somewhere along the line she got a job at the NYT as their “culture and technology reporter, covering trends in social media and the internet habits of young people.” Her job is to go on Tik Tok all day, message teenagers to ask how they’re making money, and then report on it. That’s what journalism is now.

Over the summer Taylor began messaging George and Kellyanne Conway’s out of control and neglected 15 year old daughter Claudia. This child acts like a trashbag on Tik Tok, and uses her parent’s public political differences (George is an anti-Trump Republican who works for the Lincoln Project, Kellyanne worked for Trump) to attract hundreds of thousands of followers. Modeling herself after her father, Claudia uses social media to rip on not only Trump, but her own mother, who she falsely accused of child abuse.

Naturally then this grown 36 year old woman at the NYT decided to become besties with this spoiled brat, secretly DM her without parental notification, and amplify a sad story about family falling apart publicly over politics.

Grooming minors online for clicks turns out to be a Lorenz specialty. As she told the online trade magazine Digiday, the parents of teens she talks with for her stories often “aren’t fully aware” that she is in touch with them. “The biggest, most challenging thing about my job is getting teenagers to talk to me on the phone and getting them to let you into their house and follow them around,” she said. Luckily for Lorenz, “women have an advantage” here: “I think it’s much easier for me to slide into these people’s DMs in a non-threatening way than from a male journalist in his thirties kind of DMing random teen girls. So I definitely use that to my advantage.” When criticized for this approach, Lorenz said it was “bad-faith bulls—t” in a (surprise!) now-deleted Tweet.

Her father, who is largely responsible for his daughter getting this way by being a horrible husband, asked for Lorenz to stop contacting his daughter.

But this is what Taylor Lorenz does – she tries to ruin people’s lives for clicks. Like she said, if she were a 36 year old guy doing this everyone would think she’s a pedophile.

The other day Taylor tweeted out how her life was destroyed because people harass her online, despite using her large Twitter following to direct mobs at innocent people.

Thank God her life is no longer being ruined by air conditioning.

This poor, oppressed child of privilege who got a plum job at the largest newspaper in the Western World, is a victim who had her life destroyed because people say mean things to her on Twitter.

Of course this sort of rhetoric is what every single person featured on Turtleboy has said since our inception. We write about them doing something dumb, then they whine that third parties on social media said mean things to them and call it “violence.” Meanwhile, this is my inbox on a daily basis.

I have multiple restraining orders out on people, I get death threats frequently, had my address and phone number posted everywhere, and my entire extended family gets harassed because people don’t like the things I say on the Internet.

But you don’t hear me crying about it. It’s just part of the job when you’re a public figure. I’m not a fan of it, but it is what it is. When Glenn Greenwald pointed out to her that she has no idea what real persecution looks like, she said it was a “dog whistle.”

Sure, journalists in other countries are thrown in the gulags if they criticize the state, but they don’t have to deal with Twitter eggs saying mean things about them! Mean tweets are violence!

She’s a victim!

Tucker Carlson rightfully mocked her for it on his show that night, and for the crime of saying her name other like minded simpletons ran to her defense.

You can’t criticize people when they do dumb things. That’s abuse now.

Instead of being thoroughly embarrassed that this once respected institution was employing a Teen Vogue reject crying about mean tweets, the Times put out a statement blaming Tucker for “attacking” a journalist and “unleashing a wave of harassment” by pointing out that this privileged brat wasn’t a victim.

The New York Times is currently being sued by former Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann for making up lies about the incident at the Lincoln Memorial in January 2019 which directly led to thousands of online threats from Twitter blue checkmarks.

Perhaps they shouldn’t complain about other journalists “unleashing a wave of harassment” on anyone. I guess it’s only OK when it’s random 16 year old boys. Influential blue checkmark adults are off limits.

One of the organizations clutching their pearls over Tucker Carlson’s coverage of Taylor Lorenz white girl meltdown was Sleeping Giants, an Internet outrage machine whose stated goal is to get advertisers to leave Fox News and Breitbart.

Sleeping Giants invented cancel culture, but they only cancel conservatives. Someday when they’re asked what they did with their lives they’ll say, “Well, there was this show and a website I didn’t like, so instead of just not reading it I watched it every day, then organized mobs to harass their advertisers until they threw up their hands and said that it wasn’t worth it to advertise on that program. I’m a civil rights icon now. I’m fixing things!”

Except Tucker Carlson has the highest rated show on cable TV history, and despite pulling a Bob Murchison and sending mobs after advertisers with selectively edited, out of context clips, which got many of them to leave Tucker, he’s still making more money than ever. They figure they might as well keep trying every time Tucker says something they disagree with though.

“Harassment of a female journalist.”


They’re trying to get a tractor company to leave a right wing talk show by getting them to feel bad for a Manhattan liberal who works for an institution that looks down on 99% of their customers. That should work.

Meanwhile, Tucker and Sean Davis were rightfully pointing out that Taylor Lorenz is a creepy grown woman who thinks it’s her job to befriend children without their parent’s consent. That’s it. That’s what they’re mad about.

Sleeping Giants was founded by marketing rejects Nandini Jammi and Matt Rivitz, who seem to think the goal of advertising is to agree with all the shows you advertise on, rather than being seen and making money.

However, she ended up quitting after Matt used his white privilege to take all the credit for getting Wendy’s to stop advertising on Breitbart.

Without my knowledge, my story was being defined by someone else — a white man who could use his platform to exclude me, diminish me, or disappear me entirely. He never once invited me to join him. I never had any idea he was doing any of these interviews until it was too late.

He told her:

“I’m older than you and I know more people than you. I’ve been working for like 20 years, and I used to work at an ad agency. I’m sorry you’re not getting the jobs you want. I’m sorry you don’t have the connections I have.”

They’re both such detestable people, but watching woke white guys show that they don’t actually care about women of color or equal opportunity in the workplace when money and fame are on the line, never gets old. Stop attacking women of color Matt!

Anyway, Matt is still holding it down by himself at Sleeping Giants and was whining again last night about female journalists being held to the same standard as male journalists.

He’s complaining that the media isn’t complaining about Tucker Carlson enough for being mean to Taylor Lorenz. This is what this insufferable donkey twat wakes up and does for a living every day.

Matt is referring to that time a mob showed up at Tucker’s home, which the media talked about. But since a mob never showed up at Taylor Lorenz’ apartment I pointed out what a dumb comparison this was.

To which he replied with the “post your address and use your real name” routine.

My name is Aidan Kearney, and that’s my face in the profile picture. My address is listed all over the Internet by people who think they can threaten me with it. To this day not a single person has had the balls to show up. Unlike Matt Rivitz and Taylor Lorenz I don’t cry about it because I signed up to be a public figure. I told him this and showed him a death threat I got and here’s how he responded.

“Pretty pathetic that you’re OK with that happening to other people.”

Except I’m not OK with that. It’s just an unfortunate part of being a public figure, and I don’t want anyone’s pity over it.

He then accused me of hiding behind anonymity and said I would never have the “intestinal fortitude to risk a single thing.”

Yea, I don’t risk anything at all. It’s not like I’ve been sued a billion times, have people threatening to skin my children, or quit a comfortable job to create this website. No risks at all in my line of work.

Matt Rivitz is obsessed with Tucker because Tucker for the same reason the mobs that boycott Turtleboy are obsessed with me – people keep listening to us no matter how many times they tell them how bad we are. And he can’t understand why businesses would choose to advertise with people like us.

Although he’s quite proud of the fact that he’s gotten several advertisers to leave.

Yet Tucker is still there, and so am I.

The lesson here is that cancel culture sucks, but it can be defeated. You just have to ignore people like this, mock them, and let them know how powerless they are. None of them are offended by anything you say. They just don’t like it, and they’ll use words like “attack,” “bigot,” and “violence” to try to silence you. But what they really hate isn’t Tucker Carlson, it’s the fact that millions of people watch him and agree with him. They’re not attacking him, because he’ll be fine. They’re attacking you, because they hate you. And the way to defeat them is to financially support anyone that groups like this go after.


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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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