Snitches Send Us Stories Hoping To Shame Children At Playgrounds, Cape Cod Residents Want To Secede From The Union


When coronavirus first became an epidemic I took it seriously and supported the efforts the government was making to stop the spread. I didn’t want to see hospitals flooded with patients they weren’t equipped to handle, and I didn’t want to see people die. I recognize that this is not a hoax, and it’s not the flu. I was willing to temporarily limit some civil liberties in exchange for collective safety. I still think it was the right move, but that’s because I thought it was last a few weeks and the government would be sending us checks.

That’s not what it is anymore, and it’s clear that the people leading this charge don’t care about the effects this is having. The plan now seems to be to have this go on indefinitely, and Dr. Fauci and scarf lady, who were never elected to anything, consider economic devastation an “inconvenience.”

These are very smart people, but they’re not economists and they’re not elected leaders. They are doctors. Doctors always tell you to stop doing shit, even if it’s not realistic. Foot hurts from running? Don’t run. They’re not therapists who teach you techniques about how to keep running while managing the pain. The fact of the matter is that if we keep shutting everything down for an indefinite amount of time then we’re going to be in the greatest depression in world history.  This GIF scares me much more than coronavirus.

We can’t just put businesses in the freezer like thawed meat and take them out when it’s over. People’s jobs aren’t coming back.

Ya know who I’d love to hear from at the next Trump briefing? An economist. Because I’ve seen the charts and curves about how many people are supposedly going to die from this, but I haven’t heard from any experts about how many jobs will be lost and how many won’t be coming back. I’d like to get an estimate on the increase in suicides, foreclosures, and deaths expected from the greatest unemployment rate in American history.

Most people telling us that we need to “shut it all down” are getting paid either way. This is a socialist paradise right now. Dr. Fauci and company will keep getting checks, as will every single elected official, bureaucrat, and reporter spreading fear and panic.

The people telling me to do this are the same people who told me it was racist to not go to a Chinese restaurant three weeks ago. They’re the same people who said that it was racist to cut off travel from China. They’re the same people who tell me it’s racist to point out that this is mostly China’s fault. They’re the same people who lied and said that masks don’t work. The people telling me that I can’t go for a walk outside are the ones who see nothing wrong with allowing this to happen in New York City every single day.

They want to ban me from going to my friend’s house but they’re allowing millions of people to pack into public transportation like sardines.

Meanwhile the media is posting nonsense like this.

Oh no!! People in North Dakota and Wyoming aren’t locking down!! If they don’t lock down in Wyoming we’re all going to die!

God save us.

Every day I wake up to messages like this in the inbox.

Stop the fight! Little girl is touching something at a playground! Someone call the cops or we’re all going to die!

This is madness. We have turned into a society of snitches and that should scare you a lot more than a virus that we really don’t even know much about, because we have no idea how many people have the bug, and thus no way to know what percentage of people die when they get it. This scares me more than the Chinese coronavirus.

So does this.

And this.

And this.

As do edicts saying you can’t drive with more than two people in a car.

Then there’s this:

Rhode Island attempted to keep out New Yorkers, then found out they couldn’t so they banned everyone. Jokes on them because Rhode Island was full of diseased people long before the commie cold came around.

Newsflash – Rockport and Cape Cod are part of the United States of America. You don’t get to tell people they can’t travel freely in a free country. If I want to go to Cape Cod, then I’m going to Cape Cod. I pay federal and state taxes which means I have just as much of a right to go anywhere I feel like going in this state and this country.

Meanwhile the government is still allowing you to purchase lottery tickets and lines at stores are being held up by guys in Starter jackets asking for “fohhhh numba fives, two number twelves, and a pack of Newpahhht one hunidz.” Because God knows we can’t stop ripping off dumb people with scratch tickets. That revenue is essential for the government to continue to pay us to do nothing and suck off their tit indefinitely.

Gun stores are being closed because the Second Amendment isn’t essential. Protests are banned because the First Amendment isn’t essential. But scratch tickets and abortion are essential. This is the world we’ve allowed to form in the last three weeks with little to no objection.

I often wondered how a society could allow millions of Japanese-Americans to be put into internment camps for years during WW2, but I’m starting to understand it now. As long as the people are being told that their lives are at risk they’re willing to throw out the constitution completely and turn this country into a police state full of snitches.

I was willing to be a team player, and I still am, but there’s no team here. This has to end soon. I don’t know what the solution is, but if I’m Trump I tell my team to come up with a solution. The first person to say, “lock it down” without an end date gets fired, because that’s not a solution. A balance needs to be found in which the vulnerable and infected are quarantined, and people don’t lose their livelihoods and civil rights.


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