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Socialist MTA Organizers Refer To Parents As “Enemies,” Urges Unions To “Hold The Economy Hostage” By Refusing To Reopen Schools


This is Eric Blanc, a self-described communist, socialist, and radical organizer from Brooklyn.

And as you can see from the first in the air, he is NOT playing around. He came here to eat kale and incite revolution. And he’s all out of kale.

The Massachusetts Teacher’s Association invited him to speak at a meeting in August about school re-openings. Listen to what he says starting at the 48:30 mark.

“Look at what our enemies are saying about us. To get a sense of our own power educators in Massachusetts have the power to win, not just to keep schools safe. And we underestimate that.”

Enemies? Oh, you mean parents. The people who pay your salaries and expect you to teach our children. Something a childless communist in a lonely Brooklyn apartment could never possibly understand.

Power to win? Because winning to these people means children suffer without an adequate education, my daughter continues to do gym class alone in her room hopping over a piece of paper, and parents lose their incomes and homes so that teachers don’t have to go to work.

This was even more disturbing.

“Teachers are in a position to hold the economy hostage. I wouldn’t use the hostage terminology but there is a big point there. And that is that educators across the country have a tremendous amount of leverage. Because the economy can’t get up and running until we determine that it’s safe to go back. So that does give us the ability not just to set the conditions for when we return, but what kind of schools we need when we return. We can’t return to the status quo which is broken and racially unjust.”

They’re not even hiding it. In their own words – they have the ability to hold the economy hostage. By refusing to go into work it forces parents to quit their jobs and become dependent on the state. And their demands for returning aren’t just the conditions of the buildings, but control of the curriculum so they can brainwash your kids with BLM propaganda.

If the teacher’s union really wanted to fix what was “racially unjust” then they would reopen schools immediately, since students of color and students from impoverished backgrounds are disproportionately hurt by remote learning. They need school more than wealthy white kids in Concord whose parents can afford to send them off to the YMCA or private schools until the teachers are forced to do their jobs.

I saw this comment on MTA President Merrie Najimy’s page.

This is the reality of remote learning. But they don’t care, because they’re being led by a childless communist ginger from Brooklyn. Don’t take my word for it though, here’s some of his posts promoting socialism.

Mass protests to force hypothetical President Biden into supporting the Green New Deal.

Quoting Karl Marx.

Advocating that the police be defunded.

And urging teachers to threaten members of the community in order to get their way.

“Organize a credible strike threat.”

Because threat is the kind of word teachers should be using towards children and parents.

Anyway, I’m going to stop here because the more I read Eric Blanc’s page the angrier I get, considering the Hell people like him are putting my 5 year old daughter through. She should be in school right now, but instead she’s sitting on the couch watching Peppa Pig and keeping an eye on her brother while both of her parents attempt to work. Just remember that the teachers union not only hates your kids, but is actively working to undermine our entire economy. And for some reason Governor Baker is just allowing this to happen when he could tell the teachers to reopen or find new lines of work. Trust me, every single one of them would come back and everyone would be fine.


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