Somerset Mother Looking To Rent Apartment With Cash Only, Has No Reported Income, Admits To Not Paying Taxes, Has Been Living In Hotel King Suite 


This is Monica Thibault, a mother from Somerset.



She’s been staying in a hotel with her daughter since January, paying $3,600 a month, and is in the market for a new apartment. The problem is that she has bad credit, and can’t prove she has a steady income because she’s been evading her taxes for quite some time. She decided to announce this to a bunch of strangers on a 508 apartments for rent Facebook group over the weekend, and apparently saw nothing wrong with doing so.

“Which, I don’t do receipts.”

So she has cash flow of over $5,000 a month coming into her unregistered “do nails” business, but she doesn’t have any evidence of this because it’s cash only and “I don’t do receipts.”

Gee whiz, I wonder what she does for work.

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It’s unclear. But the unlicensed cash only nail business is doing very well, all things considered.

Additionally the Somerset Salad Dodger claims to work at DoorDash, and had two job offers last month to supplement her Etsy cash.

Luckily for her she has a plan if the IRS finds out.

“Yes, not reporting your income is bad. It is what it is.”

It is what it is. Case closed.

She claims in her rant that “I don’t throw parties.”


She says she pays $3,600 a month in cash to stay at a hotel, which would certainly come with receipts. But other times it’s $3,200.

The good part about not having any reportable income is you can keep living off the government too!

Everything was all set because she had a 6 month plan.

Which may or may not have included a gift card to Planned Parenthood.

And for all the haters who tell her to just “get a job,” she won’t work for $15-16 an hour because she can collect more in unemployment.

She looks like she has a cool tattoo at least.

“Don’t bit the hind that feeds you.”

Monica, I know the hand that feeds you, and it belongs to Joe Biden.

If you are a landlord interested in renting to a woman with no reportable income and horrible credit, just understand that she has one rule – no old people.

Stupid old people and their inability to walk!

She definitely does not bringing any baggage in the form of baby momma drama to the neighborhood either.

She’s got a new man though.

And she’s totally not the crazy possessive type, so he has nothing to worry about.

So yea, if you’re looking for an elderly hating, baby daddy bashing, welfare collecting, cash only Etsy nail entrepreneur, give the Somerset Salad Dodger a call. What could possibly go wrong?


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