Somerville Cancels Christmas, State Reps Demand Businesses Remain Closed For Months


If you think Team Lockdown has any intention of returning to normal before election day, all you have to do is look what Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone and a half dozen State Reps did this weekend to realize how naive you were.


Nothing Joe Curtatone does can ever surprise me. He is just the worst person on earth. But of all the dumb things he’s done, shutting down taxpayer funded streets so that people can congregate together in person and breathe all over each other, instead being in their cars where they can’t, in order to prevent the spread of COVID, might be his dumbest idea yet.

No one should be surprised he has shut down the city of Somerville for the rest of the year. It’s May and he’s already cancelled Christmas because he is literally Satan. If you live in Somerville and you have children, you better get used to them because they aren’t going to school in September. There’s absolutely no reason for him to shut down now because he has no idea what it will be like in September. He’s doing it because he’s drunk on power and knows he can get away with it because the morons who voted for him have bought into the “we’re all gonna die if we return to capitalism” nonsense.

Just look at this slob Mike Connolly.

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That is the face of a slovenly man who is getting paid a full salary to not work while millions of people lose their jobs and businesses. He doesn’t want to open up because we are currently living in the socialist utopia that he and every other Bernie bro who signed on the dotted line has wanted for years. They think Charlie Baker isn’t moving fast enough, which is insane because we live in the most restricted state in the country.

“I think it would make more sense for the governor to put a draft plan out on Monday, and then to allow a period of time for the public and businesses and all who are concerned to comment on it, and then perhaps in a couple of weeks we can then consider where we are at.”

“Allow a period of time” is code for – don’t open up until after Joe Biden is president. It’s been 10 weeks now. Businesses don’t have time to “allow a period of time.” Their employees do, because they’re all making more money now living off the government money tree. But what does he think businesses are going to say about a plan that doesn’t let them open up? Spoiler alert – they won’t like it.

Meanwhile we have people crossing the border into New Hampshire to get haircuts, which begs the question – what is the point of having barbershops closed in Massachusetts if you can cross a border, get your haircut and then come back here? Do the barbers in New Hampshire have magical powers to not spread COVID? Because barbershops in Lowell, Lawrence, Dracut, Methuen, Haverhill, and every other town near the border must be thrilled to see their customers give their money to competitors across the border.

Just look at the people who signed it and the places they represent.

A combination of shitholes and elitist social justice warrior utopias. Filled with awful people who don’t want to work. Of course Michelle Dubois is on there. After all this is the same woman who lied about being raped for social media likes, demanded the Statehouse change the name of the General Thomas Hooker entrance because 8th graders thought it was funny, and tried to get a restraining order against the media after she publicly tipped off drug dealers that ICE was doing a raid in Brockton.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 12.06.48 PM

She’s getting paid, and God knows she hasn’t thought for a moment about the effect this is having on small business owners in her district.

The solution to this is simple – cut off unemployment after July. The only reason mayors feel empowered to do this is because they know people won’t starve or get evicted because the government will keep paying them to stay home. The second people can’t pay their bills they will demand that we open up again, because the very real prospect of starvation is much more daunting than the ridiculous fear of dying from a disease that almost exclusively kills people in nursing homes.


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