Somerville Improv Comedian Says Procession For State Trooper Killed In Line Of Duty Is Reinforcing His Negative Opinions About Cops For Inconveniencing Him


Massachusetts State Trooper Tamar Bucci was tragically killed Thursday night when her cruiser was struck by an oil tanker on I-93 North in Stoneham, as she attempted to pull over and help a stranded driver. She’s a 2006 graduate of Andover High School, stationed out of the Medford barracks, and graduated from the academy in 2020.


When a police officer is killed in the line of duty their body is escorted to the funeral home, which happened for Trooper Bucci on Saturday.

Most normal people understand that this is a temporary inconvenience if you happen to be caught behind it. But this beta fail right here wasn’t happy.

Pat Kearnan is the founder of a place called Union Comedy in Somerville, where you give him money and he teaches you how to be funny, or something.

Get it? He’s wearing tank tops and other eccentric clothing. That in and of itself is funny! Just check this guy out:

Bro, are you kidding me? You never know what he’s gonna do next!

Who, settle down guys!

Speaking of edgy, Pat saw the traffic from Trooper Bucci’s procession on I-93 and tweeted that it was “copaganda,” which is like a hip term rebellious twenty somethings who haven’t grown out of their “f*** 12” phase use to call solemn signs of respect for deceased police officers.


“Based on my reaction it is having the opposite of the desired effect.”

Yea, because the point of transporting her body to a funeral home was to get white guilt douchebags from Somerville to finally realize that police aren’t the bad guys.

Someone alerted him that it was a procession for Trooper Bucci, and because Pickle Puffer Pat is such a funny improv guy he made a joke about burying her on the on-ramp.

You tweet something like this when you want attention, but unfortunately for Pat it wasn’t the kind of attention he was hoping for, so he started blocking everyone and set his account to private after former WAAF morning host Danielle Murr called him out.

His Facebook is still wide open though, and as you probably guessed it’s filled with pathetic white virtue signaling about how people with names like Pat Kearnan aren’t doing “nearly enough” for black people.

Because it’s basically his fault George Floyd got killed. And the only way to fix the problem of a rogue police officer in Minnesota killing a black guy is defund the Somerville and Boston Police Departments.


Because hipster white douchebags from the suburbs who want to ignore the majority of black people who oppose defunding the police, and in turn make black and brown people less safe in their communities, are the REAL heroes of the modern day civil rights movement.

Here’s an idea Pat – if you want to do more for black people maybe you can start by letting them come to your shows.

The Green Bay Crackers are not winning the Super Bowl this year.

Pat Kearnan embodies everything that is wrong with comedy today. It used to be edgy, and was supposed to take shots at the establishment. The censors are supposed to want to silence you because you’re a threat to the powers that be. But now comedians and entertainers like Trevor Noah, Kate McKinnon, Steven Colbert, John Oliver, Jimmy Kimmel, and pretty much everyone not named Dave Chappelle, exist to protect the ruling class while taking shots at the least powerful. It’s why they all aligned with BLM, felt the need to turn their shows into lectures on equity and inclusion, and threatened to leave Spotify if they didn’t censor more popular content creators. Because it’s safer to do that then make fun of the people you’re not supposed to make fun of. Union Comedy is proudly forcing the morons who pay to go there to continue to wear masks, even though Communist Somerville has even ended mask mandates.

Luckily no one has ever laughed there, so the virus wasn’t spreading much anyway.


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