Somerville Teen Threatens To Murder Other Teen Who Asked Her Not To Air Her Loud And Vulgar Breakup On Her Porch


I was under the impression that Somerville had become Cambridge Jr – a gentrified, overpriced haven for SJWs and trust fund babies who want to feel like they’re in the city, but don’t want to be around rachet ghetto behavior. But after watching this video of two upstanding citizens breaking up as loudly, vulgarly and as with as many n bombs as possible on someone else’s porch, I’m beginning to think otherwise.

As you can see, the girl who was cheated on decided to make herself at home on someone else’s steps. Because apparently complete strangers are supposed to allow you to access their property if you’re having a bad day. After all, you’re the first person in the history of the world who has ever had a boyfriend who can’t keep it in his pants. We all really care about your problems.

This prompted the teenage girl who lived there to come outside and politely ask them not to air their ridiculous drama on her porch. The dumpee’s response? “F*** you. F*** her.”

“I don’t care about your breakup problems.”

Amen sister. This is not Maury Povich. No one in civilized society has any interest in the white trash roller coaster you call life. Keep it moving along.

Of course that led to “I’ll fight you b****, get the f*** down here, I’ll punch you right in your f***ing face.”

Here’s a thought – maybe if you weren’t such an unpleasant troglodyte your boyfriend wouldn’t feel the need to cheat on you so much.

“You don’t even know what it f***ing feels like.”

Right. Because you’re the first person to ever be cheated on. This is an emotion that only you can related to. Safe to say this young woman’s future life slogan will be, “I don’t need no man anyway, it’s just me and Jaydin against the world.”

Finally a diverse group of teenagers walked by, and the breakup queen attempted to get them to join her fight.

“I’ll f***ing murder you.”

Just a reminder, the guy who cheated on her is getting a completely free pass in all of this, while the girl who lives there is having her life threatened because she politely asked them to air their drama somewhere else. Welcome to Somerville.

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This was a lovely contribution from the girl across the street who decided to join the fun.

“Scray ass white b****. White a** whore.”

Now imagine the uproar if a white girl said that to a black girl. But it’s OK because they live in a city led by rabid SJW mayor Joe Curtatone, that is filled with people who subscribe to the ridiculous notion that only white people are capable of racism. When a young woman of color says something racist, it’s not actually racist. It’s “speaking her truth.”

I expected this sort of behavior in Chelsea or Brockton, but Somerville is supposed to be a little bit less trashy than this. Just shows that you can put up a Whole Foods all you want and the SJWs and trust fund rejects will move in, but it won’t take the section 8 gutterslugs out of the gutter.


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