Sources: Chicopee Superintendent Extorted Police Captain Into Withdrawing As Chief Candidate By Threatening To Expose Affair After Getting Dumped, Pretended To Be Rival Cop 


Editor’s Note: I will be discussing this story more in detail tonight on Turtle Club at 9:30. Click here to sign up. All information comes from public sources and contains our opinions based on that information.

This is Chicopee Public Schools superintendent Lynn Clark.

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Clark has been all over the news in the last 24 hours after she was arrested by the FBI and charged making false statements. Here’s the summary:

  • Clark used a burner app she purchased to send threatening text messages to an unnamed candidate for Chicopee Police Chief, beginning in November 2021
  • The text messages threatened to “expose information that would cause reputational harm” if the candidate did not withdraw from consideration
  • Some of the texts contained personal information that the candidate had only sent to Clark
  • Clark told the candidate that she was also getting threatening text messages from burner numbers, including one that told her to “have him bow out”
  • Clark told the candidate that she received a text message from the burner that included an image of the candidate and his wife at his wedding
  • The wedding photo image does not exist in digital form and his hanging in his office, so the person who took the picture had to have been in his office
  • The candidate’s wife also received threats from a burner phone number, but the complaint does not detail what those threats were
  • Clark told the FBI that one of the threats she received from the burner number contained an image of the candidate driving her car, which was taken from a toll booth
  • Clark told the FBI that she had deleted all the threats she received
  • Clark suggested to the FBI that one of the candidate’s colleagues (other cops) was responsible for the messages
  • In December Mayor John Vieau contacted the FBI and said one of the people under consideration for the chief job had withdrawn their application as a result of threats they had received
  • The hiring process was delayed as a result of this, which “had a significant effect on an essential governmental function,”
  • The FBI subpoenaed phone records from the burner app company and Clark’s cell phone provider which showed that it was her behind all the threatening messages
  • The threats were all sent from an Apple device connected to her home IP address
  • Once she realized the investigation would lead them towards her Clark told the FBI that “in the best interests of everyone involved…to close the investigation with ‘no finding.’”
  • Clark floated the idea that it could be a city employee or her son who sent the threatening messages
  • When confronted with the evidence Clark admitted to what she had done and said that her motive was that the candidate, “had achieved many accomplishments based on Clark’s work, and Clark wanted [the candidate] to get ‘knocked down a peg,’”
  • Clark has been put on paid leave and in an 8-3 School Committee vote last night they asked her to resign



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Sources are reporting to Turtleboy Daily News that the candidate who was threatened is Captain Richard Henry.

Before we go any further it’s important to point out that multiple sources have reported this to us, and any opinions we express are operating under the assumption that the allegations are true. This is not a definitive statement of fact. However, it is the worst kept secret in Chicopee, and worthy of discussing. It is also the most plausible explanation. 

The motive Clark gave (she wanted to take Henry down a peg because he had achieved accomplishments based on Clark’s work) doesn’t make any sense. How could a a school superintendent help advance the professional career of a law enforcement officer? Why would she go to such great lengths to “knock him down a peg?” Why does the superintendent even care who the Chief of Police is?

The only thing that makes sense is that this was personal. The fact that he was ever in a position where he was driving her car through a toll booth suggests that the two of them were close. Sources tell us those images came from New Jersey. Why would the two of them be in her car out of state, and why would he be driving? A woman doesn’t let a man drive her car if they’re not in a relationship.

According to sources, Clark was having an affair with Henry that he ended because he was going to apply for Police Chief. This upset her and she attempted to retaliate by sabotaging his bid to become Chief. The complaint does not state what all the messages said, other than it would cause “reputational harm.” Sources tell us that she possessed pornographic images of the two of them. What could possibly cause more reputational harm than threatening to release naked pictures of him? Massachusetts is one of just 4 states in the country that does not have a revenge pornography law, so if she did this from her home in Belchertown then she wouldn’t be charged.

It appears as if Lynn Clark specifically sent the wedding photo from his office, knowing that it did not exist in digital form, in order to make Henry believe that the person behind the threatening messages was a police officer. Who else would have access to his office? It would make sense if another candidate from within the department wanted to eliminate him as a competitor, and she knew that. If she couldn’t direct the FBI’s attention to someone else she knew that she would be the prime suspect.

The fact that she also sent threats to herself shows how crazy and diabolical this woman is. I don’t care if this sounds sexist, and it’s just my opinion – from my personal experience women are capable of crimes like this that men simply are not equipped for. Some women possess the ability to lie, manipulate, and fool people with a straight face that very few men possess (Google Pam Hupp).

In order for this crime to work Lynn Clark had to convince Henry she was also a victim, which is why she sent threats to herself. She then forwarded these threats to Henry using her real number. In my opinion she did this for 2 reasons:

  1. To ask Henry to protect both his and her reputations by withdrawing
  2. To continue to have a bond with him after the break up, since they were going through this ordeal together and were being targeted by the same person

In order for her to do this she would have to sell it well to Henry, which would require her to seem authentic and scared, something only a master manipulator could do.

But it worked. Henry did withdraw from consideration, which severely disrupted the functions of the city government. She did this all during her free time and carried on during the day as a well respected superintendent and family woman. She even attempted to blame her son when she was caught. Now she’s going to lose her job and likely go to jail, and all because Dick Henry was no longer willing to lay the pipe, (which is quite the compliment for him I suppose).This is bunny boiler level crazy.

The problem is that Lynn Clark is too old for this sort of insanity. The fact that she did this all from her home shows how naive she is, because she clearly didn’t think they were capable of subpoenaing the burner app or pulling the IP address. A younger, more experienced psychopath would’ve gone to Panera Bread or the public library and used their wifi.

A few more personal thoughts on this:

  • The ironic part is that Richard Henry withdrew because he didn’t want his personal life to be become public, but it ended up becoming public anyway. 
  • Richard Henry did nothing wrong. It’s not the public’s business who he’s having sex with, and it’s not disqualifying that he had an affair.
  • The 42nd President of the United States had sex with a young woman over whom he had professional and political power, and he was allowed to remain in office because it had nothing to do with how he did his job. Why should a cop in Chicopee be held to a higher standard than the President?
  • Richard Henry should be commended for the way he handled this. He did the right thing that any responsible cop would do by alerting authorities, when he could’ve just withdrawn quietly and not have said why.
  • The only way this could’ve worked for Lynn Clark was if Richard Henry withdrew quietly and didn’t give a reason why, which is clearly what she assumed he would do.
  • Lynn Clark is a sociopath and a real criminal. Not only did she stop the functions of the city government, she essentially blackmailed Henry from pursuing a job he was qualified for. What if Henry was the most deserving candidate? The City of Chicopee would be worse off now that he withdrew, and all because this psycho couldn’t get over the fact that she got dumped.
  • Lynn Clark intended to make Richard Henry so fearful that he would voluntarily end his own professional ambitions. But what if he became suicidal over this? The amount of mental anguish she caused this man, and all because he didn’t want to have sex with her anymore, should be criminal.