Sources: State Police Colonel Christopher Mason Tried To Get Barnstable Police To Cover Up Son’s DUI And Gun Charges


According to multiple sources in the Massachusetts State Police, Colonel Christopher Mason helped cover up a DUI and gun charges for his son Reid Mason sometime in February. Everything being reported to us comes directly from State Troopers and other trusted sources directly tied to the Barnstable Police Department. None of it can be documented because there are no records of it and no one has been charged with a crime, so everything being reported is hearsay. However, considering the trustworthiness of the sources we feel comfortable reporting what we are being told, with that caveat.

According to these sources the incident took place in late February and Reid Mason was found sleeping in his car at the corner of South and Sea Streets. The vehicle was turned off so he was not charged with OUI but police discovered 4 firearms in the vehicle– 2 handguns and 2 rifles. It is a crime to be in possession of a firearm while intoxicated, but the police are claiming that the guns were unloaded. Who would be carrying 4 unloaded guns in a car with them at that time of night though? How believable is that?

There are no court records for this and it’s not in the police call logs, which would indicate a coverup. Our sources are reporting that Colonel Mason was alerted by someone in BPD and responded to the scene to try to take the firearms. Our sources report that Mason has had his LTC suspended by the town of Barnstable, which would indicate that he was unsuccessful in his attempt to take his son’s guns. I contacted the BPD today, who initially told me that this was not public information. After I told them I was a reporter for Turtleboy Daily News they changed their tune and connected me with the records division, where I left a voicemail for Lt. Mark Mellyn.

Reid Mason is 22 years old and currently works as an EMT at Lower Cape Ambulance Association in Provincetown.

He has aspirations to work in law enforcement and previously worked for the Barnstable Police Department as one of their Community Service Officers. In 2018 he worked as a Barnstable Fire Department intern. Any sort of gun or DUI charges would hinder his ability to become a state trooper, regardless of who his father is.

The cops have turned the case over to the Barnstable DA, but since the incident in February nothing has happened. Colonel Mason made his bones working in that office as a State Police Detective, and is credited with helping to convict Christopher McCowen for the 2002 murder of Christa Worthington. It’s unclear why the DA’s office has not charged Reid Mason and no one is talking.

Sources are also reporting about a more recent incident with Reid Mason that allegedly happened in Truro (the only town that borders Provincetown) is being covered up.

We were unable to speak with Colonel Mason, but were able to message Reid Mason on Facebook. He responded to my initial message within seconds, but never responded to our inquiry about the guns despite reading the message.

Colonel Mason was appointed in 2019 by Governor Charlie Baker, and was allegedly supposed to be a reformer in light of corruption scandals first reported on Turtleboy Daily News, that led to the resignation of Colonel Richard McKeon, Lt. Colonels Francis Hughes and Dan Risteen, and Major Susan Anderson. He gladly complied with Baker’s order to fire dozens of young, healthy, decorated troopers who refused to get the completely unnecessary and ineffective COVID vaccine.

In the era of police reform transparency is important. If you have any information on this story and would like to remain anonymous you can reach out at [email protected], message @DoctorTurtleboy on Twitter, or Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook.


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