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Sources: Worcester Police Investigating Allegations Of Misconduct, Abuse, Coverup Involving Abby Kelley Charter School Cheer Coach, Mother, Principal 


Earlier in the week it week it was announced that Abby Kelley Charter School in Worcester was cancelling their season due to an ongoing investigation, but no details were given. Then yesterday it was announced that the Worcester Police have launched an investigation into coach’s misconduct.

The Worcester Police Department confirms to NewsCenter 5 that it has launched a criminal investigation into an incident involving several cheerleading coaches at a school who are on administrative leave pending the outcome of an independent investigation into allegations of misconduct. The coaches are part of the cheerleading staff at Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School, according to a statement from the school’s executive director, Heidi Paluk.

“Because of the confidential nature of this matter, we will not be able to offer additional information at this time,” Paluk said in her statement, which was shared with NewsCenter 5 on Monday.

Worcester police also did not disclose further information about the misconduct allegations brought against those coaches. Paluk said the school has hired outside counsel to conduct the investigation into the misconduct allegations and may consider further action against the coaches once the investigation is complete. Neither Paluk nor Worcester police identified the coaches who were placed on leave.


  • Sources tell us that there are videos of the coach and the 15 year old victim kissing and engaging in sexual activity.
  • Sources tell us that the girl’s mother Meghan McLeod allowed the girl to sleep at the coach’s house.
  • Meghan McLeod is a mental health counselor who recently was hired to work at Catholic Charities.

  • Sources tell us that Meghan McLeod’s daughter (who is not her biological daughter) came to school with bruises on her face a few months ago and reported to Principal Christopher Kursonis that her mother abused her. She reportedly asked not to be sent home. However, instead of filing a 51A, as they are mandated to, the school contacted McLeod – the alleged abuser. This privilege afforded to her was likely due to her standing in the community as a counselor.
  • Recently (within the last couple of weeks), our sources report that the girl once again came to school with bruises on her face and alleged that her mother abused her. This time the school reportedly filed a report.
  • In retaliation for the report our sources tell us that McLeod blew the whistle on her daughter’s relationship with the coach, prompting the  police investigation into sexual misconduct.

Tamara Hampton is the head coach of AK Cheer, and her daughter Jazmin describes herself as “besties” with the assistant coach Jasmine Horton, who is alleged to have been in the sexual relationship with one of the cheerleaders.

Our sources tell us that the alleged relationship between Horton and the 15 year old was well known, and police are investigating whether or not the other coaches knew and didn’t report it.

Parents in the comments have posted about reports they’ve made with administration about the coaching staff’s conduct that have been ignored.

Other parents are upset with the lack of transparency, as their children’s season has ended early without much of an explanation.

This is all alleged, and all parties are assumed innocent until proven guilty. But this is what reportedly is being investigated by the Worcester Police Department. If you have any more information that you would like to share on this story feel free to reach out to me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, @DoctorTurtleboy on Twitter, or email [email protected]. All sources can and will remain anonymous.


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