South Hadley Charter School Allows Kids To Hang “F*** The Police Posters” And Do White Face Because It’s Art, Principal Calls Complaining Parents Privileged And Uninformed


This is Frank Newton, the Director of Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter School in South Hadley.

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Charter Schools are one of the greatest scams ever pulled on the American people. They appeal to conservatives because they believe they’re sticking it to teacher’s unions, since charter school teachers are under-qualified and not unionized for the most part. Liberals like charter schools because it feeds into the narrative (fueled by low test scores) that black and brown kids in public schools are receiving an inadequate education from racist teachers who don’t care about them, while ignoring cultural and socioeconomic factors that contribute much more.

Conservatives are the drivers of the charter school movement, but almost all charter schools are run by communists. That’s because charter schools are not overseen by elected school committees like public schools are, and thus charter directors are accountable to nobody. As a result the communists have figured out that charter schools are a great way for them to brainwash children in ways that aren’t possible in public schools, while dumb conservatives call for more charters.

This particular school is focused primarily on the arts, and seems to be training kids to be mask cultists and political activists.

In their attempt to be woke they sometimes accidentally  commit the unforgivable racist crime of cultural appropriation.

They also brag about hiring “restorative justice coordinators” from their diversity committees.

Restorative justice is a term communists use when they’re telling you that students won’t be punished when they break school rules. It’s racist to suspend kids who violate school rules because too many students of color end up getting suspended. Instead they use “restorative justice,” where kids get to talk about their feelings with an “adjustment counselor” after telling the teacher to go f*** themselves.

This sort of communist culture alienates students in the school who are uncomfortable with their grooming. Last week a parent came forward when her daughter alerted her that the “black student union” (imagine just for a moment if a white student union existed, and then ask yourself why one is OK and not the other) had done a presentation which stated that “blue lives murder,” and included dancers coming out in white masks.

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All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause and the news you love.

It’s OK though. Communist doctrine teaches us that blackface is unforgivable, but white face is perfectly OK because the only way to correct historical injustices and reach equity is to treat an entire race of people in an unjust way.

To make matters worse the black student union also hung up this poster in a hallway, featuring black men who had been killed by the police, with the words “f*** the police” written on it.

One of the people featured on that poster is Duante Wright, who was killed by Officer Kim Potter in Minnesota while trying to run over police officers in a car in order to escape arrest for warrants. Wright was a dangerous, violent felon who previously shot someone in the head and robbed a woman in her home at gunpoint. The world is undoubtably a better place without him, but PVPA is honoring him.

What if a student in this school has a parent who’s a police officer? What part of “f*** the police” will make them feel welcomed in the school? Or is that part of inclusion not included in diversity, equity, and inclusion?

This is an anti-police school pushing false narratives about why police sometimes have to kill people, and it’s dangerous. It could lead to students of color distrusting the police, which could get them killed if they choose not to call police when they’re in danger, or if they choose to run from the cops because they’ve been led to believe that interacting with them is a death sentence.

Nice job conservatives! You really stuck it to the teachers union!

Western Mass News did publish an incomplete story on the incident:

A viewer reached out to our newsroom, expressing concerns over a student presentation at Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School in South Hadley. It was put on by the school’s Black Student Union in February and now they said a poster relating to police brutality remains up on the wall at the school. Parents who have kids at the school are calling for change to be made, including the removal of that poster. 

A viewer who wishes to remain anonymous told us she was shocked by a presentation that occurred at Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School, involving the school’s Black Student Union. She sent us this photo of a poster, we’ve blurred out the profanity, shared during the presentation in February that she says is still hanging up in the school as of Friday.

“I would like it taken down and I think there needs to be more education around this whole topic that Police aren’t bad people,” said the anonymous mother.

Western Mass News reached out to the interim executive director of the school who told us in a statement in part quote:

“Last month our Black Student Union BSU produced a show in honor of Black History Month. During the show, students read poems, sang songs, and told the stories of Black Americans who have contributed greatly to our society along with some whose lives have been taken unjustly at the hands of law enforcement.”

What has Duante Wright ever “contributed greatly to our society” besides mayhem and destruction? And how is “f*** the police” a contribution to our society? They had an answer for that too.

The parent we spoke to tells us her daughter was texting her while the presentation was happening at the school last month explained what she was watching.

“She texts me and she’s like oh my God mom you’re not going to believe this they just had a picture of blue lives murder…She went on to tell me that they had a dance performance, and the girls came out in full face white masks,” she said.

Another anonymous viewer shared a photo with us of those white face masks that were worn during the performance. The poster in question, focused on police brutality, is among the artwork from the presentation, hung up around the school. Interim Executive Director Brent Nielsen did share a letter with us that was sent to the school community about this saying in part-quote:

“One student from the class chose to focus their project on N.W.A’s indictment of police brutality and racial injustice. They chose to create a poster with images of victims of police brutality from the past decade along with information about their lives and how they lost them at the hands of police.”

The school also adding in their statement:

“PVPA is committed to supporting students to engage in social advocacy amplifying the voices of marginalized groups and promoting social justice. We support students to lean into uncomfortable conversations on topics identified as urgent and relevant to our community.”


It’s an art project. “F*** the police” was a song made by some black guys 30 years ago, therefore its art and the school can sanction that message in the hallways during black history month. Next month for sex ed they’ll do a similar presentation featuring some of the great sluts in American history with lyrics from the artistic classic “Put It In Your Mouth.”

Will Frank Newton support a white student who dresses up in blackface at a school sanctioned event next year? Will he support a student who posts a picture of people killed by illegal immigrants, with “build a wall” written on it? Or does this school only support the use of arts as a means of expression if the artist is repeating communist talking points?

Even though the school had the back of the students they still organized a walkout to protest the news coverage of the racist, anti-police propaganda being distributed at their school.

“This is about the anti-blackness at this school that has been very prominent for a long time , also about how the whole poster situation and the community talking about it and what it means to the community”

That is the end product of an education at this charter school. This was the best attempt at English this student could put together.

Frank Newton responded to the walkout by emailing families to let them know that they agree with and support the “f*** the police poster” and white face caricatures, and begged them not to walk out because it would make the school look like it didn’t support those things.

A grown man in charge of a school who uses “clap back” in an email sent to parents. This is not a serious person, and this is not a real school.

This is what Frank Newton thinks of children and parents in his school community who took offense to racism and anti-police propaganda:

“You are seeing a small number of uninformed people flexing their privilege to make themselves feel better.”

They’re uninformed and privileged, and just want to make themselves feel better. What a disgusting, vile, despicable waste of space.

The parents who came forward were anonymous because they knew that their children would be picked on and blamed by their racist administrators if they used their real names. Most of the parents at the school support the presentation, like Andy Toomajian.

Bro, you’re so hip! Totes down with black culture.

Then there was Asa Renee, who believed that only one anonymous parent could have a problem with racism and anti-police propaganda, and that complaining about it was an example of white fragility.

There is nothing talented or truth telling about writing the word “f*** the police” on a piece of paper in order to honor a dead felon. Asa’s a little busy ending the war in Ukraine though.

Funny, she changes her profile picture once people in a white country start getting killed. Don’t see any images like that for Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, or any other country where people who don’t look like her were dying. That’s because Asa is a white supremacist who believes that some lives matter more than others.

Jeanne O’Brien loves PVPA because the school doesn’t oppress students by removing their “art.”

Let’s see how she feels when a student wants to create a presentation about people who have been killed by Jews.

And finally this one:

Your name is Amanda Panda. There’s really no need for anyone to take anything you say seriously.