South Hadley School Board Member Forcing Other People’s Children To Wear Masks Contacts Attorney After Blogger Posts Pictures Of His Children From Facebook


If you openly support masking children in schools we will call you exactly what you are – a child abuser.  If you want to mask your kid I have a problem with that, but ultimately it’s your kid and I can’t stop you. But don’t you DARE try to do that to someone else’s child, including mine. Charles Miles, the School Committee member from South Hadley featured in this blog, who very rudely told an educated and concerned parent in an email that he was furious he had to spend 30 seconds justifying child abuse, doesn’t agree with my take on this.

“They dragged my kids into it. I feel sick.”

Isn’t it the worst when other grownups mess with your kids? Now you know how helpless parents feel when you use your position to abuse their children. You know who else feels sick? Kids who can’t breathe because you’re making them wear a cloth diaper on their face for 7-8 hours straight that gets progressively more unsanitary throughout the day in schools with no air conditioning.

His wife Andrea, who sits on the Board of Selectmen, was also aghast and lashed out on the poor woman her husband lashed out at in that email, whose children will be abused by the mask policy.

“Participated in the shaming of minors.”

Your husband abuses children. I think that’s a tad bit worse Andrea dear. You have forever given up the right to pretend that you have a problem with hurting kids. Evil does run amok, and it comes from you and your husband.

Then they showed up on the Turtleboy Sports Facebook page demanding we remove the pictures of the kids.

Nah, probably just gonna go ahead and post more pictures of you taking them to Fenway Park without masks on instead, in order to point out what a shameless hypocrite and all around bad person you are.

Over 40,000 people attend some of those games, and no one was masked. Funny how you’ll bring your kids through the concourse areas, which must be COVID hot spots, but you won’t allow other people’s children to attend school without smothering themselves.

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According to Charlie Child Abuse he’s contacted his attorney about the public pictures of his children that he posted on Facebook and shared with the world.


“Gone are the days of respectful Reagan Republicans.”

You got that right sister. Welcome to the new right. Your side got way too comfortable treating us like subhuman trash whose feelings don’t matter. You accused us of being racist for disagreeing with you, demanded we be censored, cancelled us, and used this ridiculous pandemic as an excuse to change all the election rules so that President Dementia could take his spot in the White House. We’d prefer to keep things civil, but when Ronald Reagan was President the other team wasn’t trying to abuse our children. We didn’t make these rules, but we’re sure as hell not going to stand by and watch you hurt our kids in order to make you think we’re “respectful.”

P.S. I look forward to hearing from Charles’ lawyer. Emails and Facebook posts from public officials are not allowed to be shared by the public!


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