South Windsor Youth Hockey Coach Fired For Throwing Kid Onto Ice During Game Is Vernon Police Officer And Retired State Trooper Corey Sutherland


Over the weekend at a hockey tournament in Hooksett, NH a coach from a team from South Windsor, CT grabbed a child from a team out of Haverhill by the horse collar and dragged him to the ice with 5 seconds left in the game. The game was 8-0 in favor of the team from Haverhill, and was reportedly a clean game with no problems between the 13 and 14 year old boys. The coach who assaulted the kid was ejected, but tournament director Bob Ingerson refused to identify him so he could be prevented from coaching in the future. When parents posted the video on the Connecticut Youth Hockey Facebook page an admin erased it. They were told that the coach is the head of the youth program, sits on the board, and is a police officer.

What a dick move. That is such an incredibly dangerous thing to do and the coach knew it. That kid could’ve easily bashed his head on the ice, been concussed, suffered brain injury, etc. The coach shouldn’t just be prevented from coaching this team, he should be charged with assaulting a child. And he did it all out of frustration at the end of a youth hockey

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This ended up making the news, and in a statement the South Windsor team apologized and said he would no longer be coaching.

In a statement, the Connecticut team has apologized, writing that the behavior “is not indicative of our organization and what we strive to be … the coach was terminated and forbidden from coaching in any and all South Windsor Youth Hockey Association events.”

Which doesn’t really mean much, because he can just coach again next year. All this does is end his season, and since he hasn’t been publicly identified by the media the league is probably hoping that this blows over so that he can come back.

That’s where we usually come in. Meet Corey Sutherland.

He’s a hockey Dad who spent 20 years as a Connecticut State Trooper before retiring to become a Vernon, CT Police Officer in 2020.

Why would a retired state trooper making over $150K a year in base pay become a town cop?

Unless of course he’s collecting a pension on top of his new salary. To be clear, I have no evidence of that. Just seems like an odd thing for a state trooper to do.

Corey goes by CJ Suth on Facebook, and mostly posts thin blue line stuff, with the occasional virtue signaling for the ladies.

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Corey Sutherland – Uterus Protector.

Unfortunately for the child he assaulted they do not have a uterus and thus did not get his protection. But the fact that this guy is a cop and is being protected is pretty gross. I support law enforcement 100%, but not when they assault children. Bow your head in shame Officer Sutherland.