Southbridge Menstrual Mama Bear Mafia Upset About High School Principals Holding Their Kids Accountable For Breaking Rules


This is Melissa Bido from Southbridge.

She has a daughter at Southbridge High School who got in trouble recently for doing something shady in the bathroom, and instead of addressing it privately with administrators she elected to take it to a townie Facebook group to air her grievances. Her initial post was deleted, so a friend named Briyana reposted it for her because it was really important that everyone knew about this injustice.


  • Her kid got in trouble for not following school rules and disrupting the school day
  • When the Principal called Mom she demanded to speak with her daughter
  • Her daughter told her that she had a pass to go to the third floor when another student she ran into asked her if she could use her cell phone to make an important call
  • Her daughter and the friend went into the stalls to do something that didn’t involve relieving themselves, and soon two teachers were waiting outside the stalls for them as the male principal remained in the hallway
  • Her daughter was sent to detention, despite her daughter claiming that she was allowed to be in the bathroom on her phone due to a new rule that was implemented
  • Her daughter admitted that her and her friend were using the bathroom stalls to go on her phone
  • Her daughter was wrongfully sent to detention but “did her time” and was given permission to return to class
  • Her daughter was then removed from class a second time for being defiant and was told to go back to detention
  • She apparently didn’t leave which forced administrators to go there and “yell at her,” which caused her disobedient child to be embarrassed
  • Her daughter is now on a 2 day emergency removal from the school until a suspension hearing
  • Mom demands that the principal be looked into for “sabotaging” her child and abusing his position of power

In other words, your bratty kid was up to no good with one of her friends in the bathroom, she violated school rules, got caught, argued about it, and got sent to detention briefly. After being sent back to class she was disrupting the learning environment for kids who actually go to school to learn, so she got sent out again. When she refused to leave the principals had to come up and do their job by forcing her to do so. She caused such a disruption that it necessitated an emergency removal as she awaits suspension.

This is everything that is wrong with parenting today. If your kid breaks the rules and you get a call from the principal, if your immediate reaction isn’t to believe the adult then you have no business being a parent. If you act like your child’s lawyer instead of their parent then you shouldn’t be a parent. This is why we have a generation of entitled adults who think they can do whatever they want – because they were raised by morons who never held them accountable for their behavior.

Southbridge is not an easy place to each, so good for them for enforcing the rules and not caving to parents like this. In her post she mentioned that the male principal was outside the third floor bathroom door and asked female teachers to enter. What happened to make him think something was going on in there? Principals know who the trouble makers are, and if your daughter was on his radar at SOUTHBRIDGE, it means there’s something seriously wrong with their behavior. Oh, and if your kid is defiant they should be embarrassed, but not as embarrassed as you.

Melissa thought that her post would garner a lot of support and sympathy for her, but luckily it did the opposite. It’s still Southbridge though, so there were some supporters.

Here’s a thought Shai Harshfield – perhaps you’re not getting the whole story from a second hand anecdote retold by a mother who makes it a practice to blame teachers who hold her defiant child accountable.



Your kid admitted that she went to the bathroom specifically to let this other girl use her phone, which apparently is against school rules because otherwise they wouldn’t hide it. They got caught, and now you’re crying that only the other kid should get in trouble for it. I have a hard time believing that there was an “emergency removal” over a misunderstanding involving a cell phone, so perhaps we shouldn’t make it a habit of blindly believing stories from ratchet mothers like this when they post on Facebook.

Melissa called it “suspension abuse.”

Schools like Southbridge are under tremendous pressure NOT to suspend kids to avoid allegations of racism. If your kid got suspended for 3 months in Southbridge then they EARNED that!

Stacey Thomison and Anna O’Toole had her back though.

“that school will suspended for no reason I went throw it with son…”

When the grammar matches the face.

Holy Cultural Appropriation Batman! The dreadlocks, the blue hair, the door knocker in the nose, the pin cushion she’s turned her grizzled face into, the dollar store tittooes – this is the most magnificent ratchet specimen I’ve ever seen. And to cap it all of her child’s name is Bubba. She needs to be put in a museum for anthropologists to study how the human race ended up like this.

The second a woman refers to herself as an “angry mama bear,” I immediately stop taking them seriously. We get it – you’re PMSing and can’t control your behavior. That’s not something to be proud of. I also immediately cast judgement on anyone like Anna who announces that she requests incident reports “EVERY TIME” their kid gets kicked out of class. Perhaps if she spent more time parenting and less time in the Shannon Labarre School for Facebook Filters, then her kid wouldn’t be getting kicked out of class all the time. 

Newsflash – your kid isn’t supposed to be getting kicked out of class, and you should feel shame and embarrassment that they are. 

Anyway, Panera Dreads comments about poor innocent Bubba got even more ratchet roosters like Cherise Ledwell-Gonzalez to share their stories.

This is why so many teenagers get pregnant in Southbridge – no one ever has a period! Felicia 51A understands what Panera Dreads is going “threw,” because her blind autistic kid’s teacher filed a false DCF report on her for absolutely no reason. I’m sure it had absolutely nothing to do with something horrific that a mandated reporter noticed about her free range feral child. It’s all just a big conspiracy designed to stop the Menstrual Mama Bears Mafia.

Another woman stated the obvious – Panera Dread and the other Menstrual Mama Bears Mafia were raising kids that were taught to defy authority. This didn’t go over well either.

“Apparently teachers and principals are always right.”

Not ALWAYS right, but definitely most of the time when it comes to discipline. When I was in high school my mother would occasionally get phone calls from the Vice Principal. Not once did she ever side with me. Why would she? I broke rules and was being held accountable. Why would a teacher waste their time trying to frame your kid for breaking a rule that they didn’t break? What do they gain from that? I feared the principal calling home because I knew I was in a world of shit when that happened. Not these kids though. They act like assholes and get rewarded for it by watching their ghettomuppet moms cuss out the principal and complain about it on Facebook.

Anyway, the Menstrual Mama Bear Mafia is now encouraging student protests to show support for some defiant brat who doesn’t think rules apply to her.

Instead of telling your son that he has a right to peacefully protest you should probably just tell him to obey the rules and stop doing a queef in class.


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