Poor Behavior

Southbridge Woman Tries To Fight Woman On Front Lawn With 7 Year Old Daughter In Front Seat After Being Accused Of Lying About Being Nurse


This is Samantha Garcia from Southbridge.

She’s fired out a small army of raw dog trophies that vary in age from 3 to however old Ghetto Fupastar is.

If “nobody ever better be talking shit about my kids” had a face.

She claims to be a nurse, and posted on Facebook that she’s a RN at Global Insights.

So that’s pretty official. However, her public behavior and ghetto-fabulous Tik Toks have made some people skeptical, so they looked up her name on the state’s website and didn’t see anyone named Samantha Garcia listed as a RN.

In order to clarify the confusion she made a Tik Tok explaining that you have to enter her social security and license number to look her up, while mocking people who work at restaurants because they’re not trained medical professionals like her.

She opened up her computer and appeared to be typing something into it, so that’s pretty official.

Her friends began to get skeptical when they realized that being a nurse requires going to school and being able to read. And there’s nothing about this woman’s face that says “school” or “read.”

A woman whose child is friend’s with Samantha’s daughter found out that Samantha had stolen her child’s social security card, which is like finding gold for deadbeats with low credit scores. To address these concerns and prove that she was in fact a medical professional, Samantha showed up at the woman’s house with her daughter in the front seat and challenged the woman to fight on the front lawn.

In a lot of communities a mid day spectacle of a welfare walrus demanding that the mother of her child’s friend fight her in front of her child would alarm the neighbors. But this was in Southbridge, so they just called it a Monday.

Seven year olds are not supposed to ride shotgun, but maybe she learned that it was OK in nursing school. Here she is swearing in front of that same girl and her much younger son on a family trip to the Dollar Store.

Of course neither of them is restrained in any sort of car seat, but if you think that’s strange it’s only because you’re a stupid person who works at a restaurant.

The Southbridge Welfare Walrus also implied that she slept with a Southbridge Police Officer named Reddick, which she then used to imply a threat to the woman filming her.

“I have a Masters.”

You can’t get a Masters degree in rolling blunts, dear.

Afterwards she texted the woman apologizing for her behavior because it reflects poorly on her as a nurse.

LOL. Just kidding. She busted out the CAPS LOCK, threatened to break her face, and went full Nurse Ratchet on her ass.

If that doesn’t warrant a DCF case file I don’t know what does.

Anyway, if the welfare walrus would like to clear this up and show us her nursing license, or explain why she felt it was appropriate to try to fight a woman on her front lawn in front of her 7 year old child, she can reach out to me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson or email [email protected].


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