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Southeastern School Committee Votes 5-4 To Protect Alleged Pedophile Chairman, Tony Branch Casts Deciding Vote 


On Tuesday night the Southeastern Regional School Committee voted 5-4 not to censure Chairman Tony Branch, despite court documents alleging that he had sex with a minor and groomed her. The deciding vote was Tony Branch himself.

As you can hear in that video, they are framing the allegations as “social media postings.” These are not social media postings, they are court documents that can be accessed by anyone out of Plymouth Probate Court. To be clear, Tony Branch’s ex-wife Evelyn Wiggins testified that Tony Branch took her virginity on his then girlfriend Alicia Kennerly’s kitchen floor, when Wiggins was 15 years old.

It can be argued that this is an allegation made by a woman in a contentious divorce. However, her allegation was substantiated when Judge Roberts stated that Branch’s denial of any sexual relationship with Wiggins before she turned 18 is “not credible.”

The five members who voted not to censure Tony Branch believe that a man who had sex with a 15 year old girl should be allowed to continue to oversee a school district and have access to other people’s children. Every one of them is a pedophile enabler who should be removed from office.

According to Branch’s victim he began abusing her when she was 14, penetrated her at the age of 15, told her that God wanted him to have a virgin, and it still haunts her to this day. She is willing to be a witness and speak her truth.

She also alleged that he has harmed himself before in order to portray himself as a victim.

The court documents also verify that Branch:

  • Owed over $100K in credit card debt and $42K in unpaid taxes
  • Declared bankruptcy in 2016, and now oversees a $25 million school budget
  • Was charged in 2015 with violating an abuse prevention order when the 22 year old woman he was shacking up with alerted police that he had ammunition in the house
  • Was foreclosed on and evicted in 2018 but remains squatting in a Brockton house that no longer belongs to him
  • Lied about being a Bishop
  • Defrauded the government to obtain a Section 8 voucher
  • Attempted to defraud an insurance company
  • Attempted to defraud DCF for benefits
  • Had orders taken out on him by his daughters, ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, and a man he falsely accused of having an affair with his ex-wife

It’s absurd that Tony Branch would be allowed to vote on his own censure. An honorable person would abstain, but Tony Branch has no honor. He has no reason to want to run this school district either, since he has no children in it and did not graduate from a trade school. He wants to chair a committee like this to build his own personal resume and pretend that he is some sort of well respected member of the community. It’s all part of the con.

The people who are most to blame here are the 4 members who voted not to censure him, and the one member who couldn’t be bothered to show up to vote.

The members who voted to protect an alleged pedophile are Robin Zoll:

Robin is personal friends with Branch and is a member of the Stoughton League of Women voters.

She is OK with this:

Here is her Facebook page if you would like to respectfully reach out to her in regards to why she is protecting a man who was credibly accused of sexually assaulting a minor.

Christine Gaze from Mansfield also voted to protect Branch.

Gaze specializes in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and has recently removed her LinkedIn and Facebook pages because she fears blowback as a result of her failure to hold an alleged pedophile accountable.

She was elected in a write in campaign last year when nobody ran for the seat.

Barbara Kaplan is a 79 year old representative from Norton who voted to protect Tony Branch.

Gershon Monteiro is from Brockton, and was added to the committee after applying for a vacancy that no one else wanted. He recently lost an election bid for City Council.

Monteiro virtue signals about BLM and supporting women on social media.

But he voted to protect a man who did this to a black woman:

Feel free to reach out to him here.

Mike Pietrowski is the representative from Easton who did not show up for the meeting.

He could have been the deciding vote, but decided that it’s not important in his role as a School Committee member to protect children in the district from a known predator. He can be reached on Facebook here.

At the April 26 meeting I will be holding a protest outside of the school to hold these 5 enablers accountable, and will be creating a group on Facebook with more information. We will not allow this to be swept under the rug, we will hold these elected officials accountable, and we will disrupt each and every meeting until Branch is censured. I urge residents of Mansfield, Norton, Brockton, Easton, and Stoughton to demand answers from these elected officials and run against them if you don’t get them.

The Brockton Enterprise is also to blame here. Reporter Alicia Saint-Ciel wrote this glowing endorsement of Branch on March 3, about how great it was that Branch was the first black chairman of the committee. Reporter Chris Helms claims that the Enterprise is doing a story on this, and has told that to people who contacted him.

But they have not written a story. As long as that continues Branch will be able to lie and dismiss these very serious allegations as “social media postings.” Robin Zoll and the other pedophile enablers will also be able to dismiss the substantiated allegations as illegitimate by dismissing Turtleboy Daily News as a right wing smear device. But she is complicit, and so is the Brockton Enterprise.

Thank you to Stephen Udden, Susan Sullivan, Andrew Heath, and Mindy Kempner for doing the right thing to protect students and the integrity of the school district.



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