Southington Woman Considering Using Mail In Voting For Felon Mother Who’s Been Dead For 4 Years But Still Got Ballot Application In The Mail 


The mainstream media insists that any concerns that voter fraud might occur as a result of mail in voting are a Q-Anon conspiracy theory. One woman from Southington, CT named Candice Ebersole is here to show us why that may not be such a crazy theory after all. Take a wild guess who she’s voting for.

If you gave me 100 pictures of random people and I had to guess who they were voting for, I’d get at least 95 right. Never has the way we look been more divided before. One half has hot chicks and men who look like men, and the other side has blue hair, nose rings, double chins, gender confusion, hipster glasses, chinstraps,  flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hats, and soy stuck in their teeth.

Candice’s team wants mail in voting, which tells you everything you need to know about why mail in voting is a bad idea. Generally speaking, anything they want is part of a more elaborate scam. Black lives matter, Christine Blasey-Ford, “believe women,” lockdowns, tech censorship – everything they do is done with the goal of destroying Donald Trump. If they want it then it’s only because they plan to exploit it. Candice gave away the end game with a recent post.

I realize it says absentee, and that that’s different from mail in voting, but the problem here is that her Mom is dead and yet she still gets a ballot sent to her for Mom because she’s registered to vote. If dead people are still registered to vote then they can receive mail in voting applications too. And did I mention that Mom has been dead for 4 years and couldn’t vote when she was alive because she was a felon?

What could possibly go wrong? Why are people worried about mail in voting? Obviously everything is in order here.

Of course Candice could just show up and vote using her mother’s name since Connecticut doesn’t have voter ID laws, but that seems like a lot of work. It’s much easier to commit voter fraud from home. Will she actually go through with it? Probably not now. But I’m sure she’s not the only person who received a ballot for a dead family member who couldn’t even vote when they were alive.

My message to conservatives is to do the same thing. Don’t try to be above it. If you play by your rules instead of their rules you will lose. I’m voting by mail in voting, and then I’m going to the polls on election day. If my name is checked off and they don’t let me vote then it’s much ado about nothing. But I’d be curious to see what would happen if a larger sample of turtle riders tried this. If you get nervous about committing a felony I completely understand. In that case just tell the 90 year old woman with the red colored pencil who’s in charge your precinct that you already voted so they can see that this is an issue. Document it and, send it to TB, and we’ll blog about it. Something tells me the Dead COVID Patients For Biden will be out in full force on November 3.


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