Springfield City Approved BLM Mural Contains Thin Blue Line Flag Soaked In Blood With Skulls Instead Of Stars 


Source: Local artists are responding to the Black Lives Matter mural getting deface for a third time by painting another mural.

“I love working with the community, and as an artist, this message brings the community together,” said Springfield artist Frankie Borrero.

Local artists, Borrero, gathered in Springfield to paint a second Black Lives Matter mural to send a powerful message, after the third defacing on the first street mural in front of Springfield City Hall.

“This is just because we got no action on the defacing of the other mural, and we know that there is someone that’s known for defacing the first time,” said Springfield City Councilor Tracye Whitfield.

The second mural will be located at 2-32 Worthington Street. Artists, like Borrero, were each given a letter, spelling out Black Lives Matter, to design and paint.

“I got the letter “T.” What I did on mine has put a balance, sort of like a scale, weighing out the justice system, the hand in the middle reaching out,” Borrero explained.

Organizers told Western Mass News they want to see more action.

“We would, like the mayor’s administration and the D.A.’s Office, come forward with that person,” Whitfield said. “So, we can maybe prevent or defer folks from coming down and doing that again in the future.”

The damage to the mural on Court Street has been repaired, but organizers told Western Mass News they hope the second mural will send a message to the community.

Translation – they will create as many murals as the taxpayers pay them to do. And every time one of these politically charged, anti-police children’s drawings on public property gets “defaced” they’ll get more work. Because God knows they can’t create anything of value that someone would purchase on the free market. They are completely dependent on the government paying them to doodle on brick buildings.

This is “artist” Frankie Borrero.

He seems to frequently get work from the City of Springfield. And according to Frankie, he was in charge of painting the letter T.

“I got the letter “T.” What I did on mine has put a balance, sort of like a scale, weighing out the justice system, the hand in the middle reaching out,” Borrero explained.

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Check out the new mural they did, particularly the letter T.

It’s a blue lives matter symbol, honoring the many police officers who have been killed in the line of duty. Except it’s surrounded by red dripping blood, and there are skulls instead of stars.

Yet according to City Councilor Tracye Whitfield this mural is not anti-police.

“We know all lives matter; I want to make that point clear. We know police lives matter as well,” she said. “This isn’t anti-police, we need to create awareness for what’s happening to a lot of black people in the nation.”

Yea, it’s not anti-police. It just clearly portrays the police as bloodthirsty, homicidal maniacs who kill black people for sport.

You may remember Councilor Whitfield as the mother of an Air Force student involved in one of the most infamous fake hate crime hoaxes of the many fake hate crimes during the Trump presidency. Even after it was revealed to be a hoax she still insisted her son was a victim.

Or perhaps you remember her as the woman who organized a mob to protest a privately owned business because they had a dress code.

According to Tracye a local non-profit paid the artists $5K for their cop hating doodles.

Feel free to ask the Community Foundation of Western Mass on their Facebook page why they finance systemic anti-police hate speech by clicking hereOr email Mayor Domenic Sarno at [email protected] and maybe he can explain why he’s allowing this sort of politically charged, violent anti-police rhetoric on public buildings. How exactly does this improve relationships between Springfield PD and the community? Inquiring minds would like to know.


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