Springfield City Clerk On Hot Mic Tells Police Chief To “Shut The F Up” During Budget Hearing On Police Funding, City Erases Footage To Cover Up


Tasheena Davis is a Springfield attorney who was heralded by the media for being the first African-American woman ever appointed to that six figure taxpayer funded position. It was a controversial move because Mayor Domenic Sarno didn’t get the approval of the City Council first.

“Atty. Davis’s start date will be in mid-August,” Sarno said in the release. “Her appointment as city clerk requires confirmation by the City Council.”

Davis admitted she hadn’t considered applying for the position until Sarno told her he was going to nominate her.

In a written statement, Sarno wrote, “Congratulations to Associate City Solicitor and current Attorney to the City Council Tasheena Davis on becoming the city’s first African-American female city clerk. Thank you to the City Council for voting to confirm my nominee. Tasheena has a strong legal acumen and has done a tremendous job for our city. This is a natural progression and ensures a smooth transition for our city government.”

The woke points were more important.

During a budget hearing on June 29, 2020, Police Chief Cheryl Claprood was talking about why defunding the police would hurt morale, in light of the talks to defund the police. At that point Taneesha Davis blurted out how she really felt about the concerns of law enforcement, not realizing that Zoom picks up your voice automatically.

Claprood: “It’s just a bad message for me to bring back to the police department, whose morale at this time is about as low as it can go…”

Davis: “Wow, bitch, shut the fuck up.”

Of course she denied that the “bitch” she was telling to shut the f up to was the police chief.

“I was not talking to the commissioner and I apologize for the language. I was actually talking to somebody that came into my house. I am so sorry, I apologize 100%. My cousin is arguing with her boyfriend and I’m sorry to bring my family matters onto the Zoom. I know that was inappropriate but I definitely was not talking to the commissioner, I didn’t even hear what she was saying.”

Oh please.

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She pulled Joe Petty. Three years ago the Worcester Mayor called protesters that he assembled “friggin morons” multiple times on a hot mic, apologized for it, then denied it was him at a bizarre press conference days later. If only that meeting was held during the COVID crisis, he could’ve just said that he was yelling at his wife.

The mere fact that she talks like that should disqualify her from the position she holds, since she’s clearly a gutterslug deluxe. She can put on a nice pant suit but at the end of the day she’s a ratchet. She was clearly talking to the police chief though. She just so happened to say “shut the fuck up”  during the part when the police chief was complaining about police morale, which is not something BLM activists are at all concerned with? Something that a BLM activist would likely say, “shut the fuck up” to, if they didn’t think anyone could hear them. Nah. We know who she was talking to.

The fact that the microphone caught her that loudly proves that she was right next to her computer too and was clearly paying attention. Her excuse that she didn’t hear what the chief was saying was just as bad too. Why wasn’t the City Clerk paying attention at such an important meeting? Why is your cousin in your house yelling at her boyfriend? Why didn’t the microphone pick that up if they’re in your immediate vicinity? And why did you say it under your breath instead of loudly, which you’d do if your cousin and her boyfriend were arguing in your house?

Don’t worry though, just like Joe Petty this will be forgiven and forgotten. Ya know, because of her privilege. Mayor Sarno, who normally is a pretty solid Mayor for a democrat, hitched his wagon to the woke train and patted himself on the back for hiring a black female clerk. This is the reality of what actual privilege looks like. If you have the “correct” political opinions, and you check off multiple boxes on the diversity checkbox, then you get jobs that you’re not qualified for, and you keep them when you tell the police chief who you swore into office to “shut the f*** up.”

You know they’re going to let this one slide though, because they’ve already covered it up. Her comment happened around the 1:42:30 mark of the official City of Springfield stream on YouTube, but they’ve bleeped out her name and what she said.

The reactions were obvious though.

Why is the City of Springfield erasing comments from a public meeting? How is this not a violation of open meeting law? The public has a right to know what an official whose salary they pay for, said at a public meeting. Good thing someone screenrecorded it live or this never would’ve gotten out.

This is usually where the media comes in, but they’re nowhere to be found. Dozens of people have sent me this video in the last 48 hours. It’s been out there, and I’m sure Masslive and the rest of the Western Mass media has heard about it. Yet they have chosen not to write about it. Look at this guy.

He’s the media apparently.

Already making excuses for her, which clearly no one with a brain believes. But just like with Joe Petty, the truth doesn’t matter.

Meanwhile, selectmen in Swampscott are being forced out of office and banned from restaurants for making critical comments about black lives matter (a Marxist organization) during a private lunch that a bartender eavesdropped on. The Boston Globe made that a headline story. Imagine if the city clerk was a white guy who said, “bitch shut the fuck up” while a BLM activist was speaking at a City Council meeting. How would that go? We all know the answer to that one.

Must be nice to have privilege. I wouldn’t know, I’m just a conservative white guy.


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