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Springfield Judge Grants Alleged Child Rapist Jeffrey McAdam Harassment Order Hearing Against TB For Reporting His Crimes, Victims Come Forward


Last week we blogged about Jeffrey McAdam, AKA Big Black Jeffrey, AKA Sgt. Sausage, the West Springfield drag queen (who bartends at On The Border in West Springfield) feeds liquor to underage girls and poses in sexually provocative positions with them for Instagram posts.

Today I received this in the mail:

Jeffrey McAdam, who is under investigation by the West Springfield Police Department, is attempting to obtain a harassment order against me in Springfield District Court. Instead of laughing this sexual deviant out of court Judge John Payne has elected to grant him a hearing on March 17 at 9 AM, an hour and a half from my house, but just 5 minutes away from where Jeffrey McAdam lives.

Judges like this get paid $180K a year to use their judgement, but can’t be bothered to use some basic discretion, and continue to be amongst the most incompetent public officials in this joke of a state. I’ll show up and have it thrown out, but why should I waste a minute of my time and money driving to Springfield to be in a courtroom with this lunatic? I have First Amendment rights, and have not even directly contacted this person until they contacted me first. Do Tucker Carlson and Rachel Maddow have to go to court to fight bogus restraining orders every time they expose someone on their show?

Big Black Jeffrey is a much more dangerous and deranged deviant than I initially thought though. This girl was pictures in several of his IG posts.

She obviously looks very young, because she is. Her name is Kat, and today she is 20 years old. Jeffrey has been grooming her for years. Here’s a post he made 6 years ago when he was 20 and she was 14.

This type of person cannot be rehabilitated. They must be locked away for eternity because they don’t want to be fixed. Why would you, if you believe that nothing you’re doing is wrong? If you believe that you can be “best friends” with a 16 year old.

Here he is hanging out with her as a child.

I ended up speaking with this woman who told me that Jeffrey recruited her when she was just 13, and she explained why she stopped being friends with him once she became an adult and he invited her for a massage.

“He kept trying to go lower down my back. I said “no don’t do that I don’t need it that low.” He stopped for little bit then did it again, then had nerve to pull down my pants down and try n touch me. I was in tears and beyond angry about to hit shit. I went outside in the rain and waited for my friend nick to pick me up.”

What she described was sexual assault, and it happened in West Springfield. WSPD should call him in for questioning, as she is willing to talk.

I met him when I was 13! This crazy psycho would blow my phone up drunk or off what ever at 3-5am in the morning some nights. I would block it and he would call me off text now numbers or what ever girl he was with to harass me. He even showed up at my apartment couple times. I threatened him with the police and he laughed and said he will ruin my life and no body ever pass trying to stop BBJ.

She also said that he would get girls like her black out drunk and take advantage of them.

My friends would tell me he said he has sex with me and now after what happened that day I’m scared. What if he has raped me? I didn’t understand the amounts of alcohol when I was younger. Seen some videos of me that I don’t even remember. It makes me sick honestly. 

The other night on the live show I she came on as a guest. (27:15 mark)

During last Tuesday’s live show I played a video Jeffrey posted on Facebook in which he claims that he got blackout drunk with a young girl and filmed himself as he performed oral sex on her, then posted the video to Snapchat and Instagram, which he didn’t remember doing the next day.

As amusing as it was to laugh at that, what he described was also sexual assault. The girl was allegedly passed out after he fed her liquor, and he filmed himself doing it.

Rapist. Jeffrey McAdam is a RAPIST.

In a just society Jeffrey McAdam would be rotting in jail right now and his victims would be treated as such by the court. Instead, thanks to Judge John Payne, Jeffrey McAdam is being treated as the victim, and I am being treated as the defendant for reporting on what he did and standing up for victims of sexual assault.

I won’t stop though exposing predators like this though, no matter how many times I get dragged into court. I look forward to my day with Jeffrey McAdam, and if the court proceedings are public you’re welcome to come too. If Judge Payne wants to disgrace his courtroom with this and treat it like a circus then that’s exactly what we will do.


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