Springfield Man Kneels On Girlfriend’s Baby’s Neck To Promote Black Lives Matter Awareness On Social Media


This is Isaiah Jackson from Springfield, Ohio, and his girlfriend Erin Smith.

Erin has a baby with her ex-boyfriend, but she allows her new boyfriend to play the role of weekend Dad. Jackson has a disdain for law enforcement, is a proud BLM supporter, and all around ratchet deluxe.

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He was arrested yesterday on a probation violation, and has multiple other Google trophies for assault, domestic violence, and burglary.

And despite the fact that this man is clearly a violent and dangerous felon, Erin still allows him around her child. He recently posted this image with the baby on social media.


He wanted to show the world what it would look like if what happened to George Floyd happened to a white person. Except George Floyd wasn’t in diapers.

You would think that a BLM supporter horrifically abusing a child would be pretty big news, considering the fact that BLM has dominated the news cycle for two months straight now. But this image doesn’t go along with their narrative, which is why the only media that seems to have written about it is the Gateway Pundit. According to them the paternal grandmother stated that her son now has custody of the boy, but the baby momma is attempting to justify it.

The grandmother, who the Gateway Pundit has opted not to name for the child’s safety, provided us with screenshots of conversations in which the mother attempted to defend the photo when confronted about it, calling the person “ignorant” and claiming that “he wasn’t hurting him.” She also claimed she was not present when the photo was taken.


Then again, this is her taste in men.

The only thing more ratchet than wearing a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat is getting Eiffel towered by two guys wearing them.

Jackson also has a baby or two of his own on his wide open Facebook page.

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They’re named “asshole” and “girl.”

Local television just picked up the story, but according to them the cops have not arrested him for this yet. 

“We are looking into this case, however it is still an active investigation. At this point we are actively looking into it and we are VERY early on into this investigation,” Maj. Chris Clark said in an emailed statement.

What exactly do you need to look into?

Nuff said.

Oh, and like, 20 people got shot at a funeral in Chicago yesterday. But yea, lets all pretend that this one guy being unjustly killed by a rogue cop in Minneapolis is the real problem we need to address in this country.


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