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Springfield Mother Raises Thousands Of Dollars Off Lie About Having $9,600 Cash Stolen From Her At Work, Uses Daughter’s Leukemia To Supplement


This is Jennifer Bowen from Springfield.

She posted over the weekend in a 413 Facebook group asking for free Christmas gifts for her young son, which she normally wouldn’t do except for the fact that she was just got robbed at her job two weeks ago. She also elicited pity by throwing in that her older daughter needs a bone transplant, which you can find out about by searching “Save Hailey” on Facebook.

What does one have to do with other? Not sure. But you should feel bad for her anyway and not question her story.

She started a fundraiser a week prior that explained the situation a little more.

Just to review:

  • She got a check for $9,600 from a lawsuit settlement
  • This check was going to “put her back on her feet” and pay for Christmas
  • She cashed the check and brought $9,600 in cash to work
  • She planned on depositing the cash into her account after work but a coworker was caught on tape stealing the $9,600 cash
  • She could’ve easily just deposited the check rather than cashing it and then depositing the cash into the same account the check would’ve gone into, but that would make too much sense
  • Even though she knows who did it (a coworker/friend) the police can’t do anything about it and she can’t get the money back

Yes, this all adds up. Leading with the kid with leukemia thing was a nice touch though. Nothing like using kids with cancer as a supplement to an obvious lie in order to pull on people’s heart strings and get them to pay for your Christmas.

The 13 year old daughter really is sick, but Jennifer never claimed to need money for that because insurance is covering it. Instead she seems to be using this diagnosis as a way to get people to donate to her Christmas fund. One fundraiser made over $5K, along with a GoFundMe that made nearly $2K.

She’s also using the sickness to get a free iPhone.

It’s tragic that her daughter is sick, but begging for free things is what Jennifer seems to do every year, long before the diagnosis.

This year it’s just more effective. For instance, she wants a quad for her “lil princess” who is about to be 4 on Halloween.

But her “lil princess” is also a 4 year old boy who lives in a hotel with her, so give her a free Christmas tree.

She wants an Apple watch for her 20 year old daughter and a Nintendo Switch for her lil princess son.

“We all know things are rough for everyone, however my situation this year I’m sure tops it all.”

That about sums it up right there. She won the pity Olympics and is using her daughter’s disease to point out why she’s more worthy than the rest of the single Moms begging for you to play Santa for them this year.

Two years ago she was looking for an apartment and shockingly had an eviction on her record.

Then last year same thing.

And was looking for a place again this year.

Anyway, it sucks her daughter is sick, but according to the baby daddy she doesn’t have custody anyway.

Some people did begin to question her story about being robbed of $9,600, especially when they noticed all the other posts. These people were told to “check their facts,” which is up there with “only God can judge” as an admittance of ratchet guilt.

And if you did ask questions you likely got a message like this from her.

“I was robbed at work with a settlement check, show me otherwise.”

OK, I will show you otherwise. Here you are a week ago telling people that you cashed the check and your friend/coworker stole cash from you, not a check.

It’s almost as if she’s a pathological liar and guttermuppet extraordinaire who’s using her non-custodial child’s illness to supplement an obvious lie about losing $9,600 to enrich herself.


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