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Starving Athol Woman Seeks Freezer To Store Excess Goods Purchased With Food Stamps Because State Gave Her More Than She Needs


This is Elizabeth Hager from Athol.

As you can see, she is starving and can barely get by, so she needs food stamps. The problem is she gets too much in food stamps every month so she needs an extra freezer to store all the food.

Someone reminded her that she can purchase food a little at a time, but moderation was never really her thing.

Because the government gave her way more taxpayer money than she needs, so she might as well blow it all instead of not charging the taxpayers for 6 months off frozen pizzas.

She appears to have some sort of man in her life, but because they don’t believe in planning she keeps getting pregnant which in turn keeps the stamps flowing. And the fact that she has multiple Google trophies for larceny hasn’t gotten in the way at all.

Her friend Jizzabelle couldn’t believe anyone would be dumb enough to suggest that Elizabeth didn’t need to purchase a new freezer to store all of her food stamp surplus for the winter, and Elizabeth credited her therapist for helping her avoid going full Bret Killoran on the other woman.

And they really didn’t like when Stephanie pointed out that the waddling poster child for diabetes didn’t actually need food stamps.

Debbie does Diabetes disregarded her therapist’s advice, went full ratchet, and told the commenter that she was also charging the taxpayers for her health insurance.

Just a reminder that this woman will need significantly more medical care in her short life than someone who takes care of themselves and doesn’t leach off the system, which drives up healthcare costs for everyone. Also, we locked the world down to protect her from getting a virus which didn’t matter much to her because the welfare tree is COVID proof.

She really lost it when the ALL CAPS VOICE came out.

Yea, it’s none of your business what she gets for food stamps. It’s not like the taxpayers finance this stuff or anything. Just keep handing over your money to the government and stop asking questions.

Finally she chimed in with the disclaimer that ratchets are taught to put before they post.

If you don’t have anything positive to say about a morbidly obese woman bragging about sucking off the system for more than she needs then you’re not allowed to comment. That’s ratchet 101 stuff right there.


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