State Rep Jay Livingstone Proposes Bill To Let Convicted Killers Out On Parole After 25 Years


Fox 25 NewsA new proposal would drastically change prison sentences by eliminating life without parole sentences for convicted first-degree killers. The new bill calls to outlaw the mandatory Massachusetts sentence and allow every inmate to be eligible for parole after 25 years, no matter the crime. 

“I don’t understand how they can come up with these ideas like this,” said Bob Curley.

Curley is the father of Jeff Curley, the 10-year-old boy abducted, raped, and murdered in 1997. The facts were so shocking, Mass. came within one vote of reinstating the death penalty, even though it would not apply to the two men convicted: Charles Jaynes and Sal Sicari. Twenty-two years later the state still has no death penalty, but there is now a move to outlaw the state’s harshest penalty.

“It’s an insult to people who have been victims of serious crime.”

At the State House, Boston 25 News reporter Bob Ward tried to talk to the people behind the bill, but he didn’t get very far.  Needham State Rep. Jay Livingstone is sponsoring the bill. We were told he was unavailable to talk to us and would not issue a statement. Ward spoke on the phone with Annette Presti from her Florida home. In 2004, her daughter Joanne and granddaughter Alyssa were murdered in Joanne’s Woburn home. Their convicted killer, Michael Bizanowicz is serving life no parole, a sentence that could be cut, if this bill passes.

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“I am totally outraged with the legislators. I can’t believe they would even come up with something like this,” said Presti. 

This is everything that is wrong with Massachusetts. People who take the lives of innocent people shouldn’t get a shot at a second chance, since their victims weren’t afforded that privilege. The worst part about this bill is that it forces the families to relive their trauma after 25 years, and then every 5 years after that. They’re forced to confront this evil person who destroyed their lives and give a victim impact statement in front of a parole board filled with people that some bleeding heart politician put there because it was their turn to get a government job. The pain stabs them in the chest over, and over, and over again, and all so this waste of space can feel good about himself and award himself the social justice merit badge of honor.

How sick and twisted do you have to be to think this is a good idea? How removed from reality do you need to be? Obviously the people behind this bill have never had to deal with a family member being killed, and they likely don’t represent areas in which a lot of people are killed. If they did then they’d see the pain in the eyes of family members who were forced to bury a child who was raped and murdered by an animal with no soul. Instead they want to release them so they can kill more people, because these idiots are so naive, and have watched so many movies and VICE propaganda films, that they believe they can be rehabilitated.

Newsflash – no one cares if they are rehabilitated. They don’t get that option. They should be thankful they didn’t get the death penalty, because that’s all they deserve.

This is cowardly State Rep Jay Livingstone.

He cares about this bill so much he hid from the media and wouldn’t comment on it. Fox 25 News reported that he’s from Needham, but according to Ballotpedia and his own website he lives in the Back Bay and has the shortest commute to work of all legislators.

Probably one of the wealthiest districts in Massachusetts with not a lot of murders. It’s politically homogenous, so he’s never had anyone actually run against him.

Thus he thinks he can do whatever he wants, like propose bills to release people who rape and murder children. He probably doesn’t see a lot of violence like that while taking romantic walks to the Esplanade with his wife.

We live in the Back Bay and we love to take walks around our neighborhood and take trips to the Esplanade and the Museum of Science among other places.

According to him, 25 years is a “significant punishment.”

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So it’s all good.

On his website he makes the case for why this is a good idea:

California made such a change and the recidivism rate for those released was 2%, which is incredibly low.

Translation – we released killers back into the wild and some of them committed more crimes. Crimes that never would’ve taken place if we kept these animals in the cages where they belonged.

I don’t care that 98% of killers didn’t commit crimes after being released from jail, because they never should’ve been given that opportunity in the first place. And what do they want, a cookie? For not committing a crime after being released from jail on a murder conviction? You’re not SUPPOSED to get arrested. It’s pretty easy to go an entire lifetime without knowing what it feels like to be put in bracelets.

The guy in the State Senate he cosponsored this with is Joe Boncore.

If that name sounds familiar we blogged about him in July because he’s good friends with quite possibly the most racist ratchet in Massachusetts – drug dealing, wannabe gangsta Robert “Henry Pills” Ciampi.

So it’s not exactly shocking to see this scumbag aligning himself with violent criminals. Many of them are his close friends.

Feel free to reach out to Jay Livingstone to let him know your feelings about this bill:

[email protected]



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