State Rep Marc Lombardo Takes Heat From Team Lockdown For Video Promoting Reopening The Economy 


Marc Lombardo is a State Rep from Billerica and one of the few Republicans in the State Legislature. Two days ago he posted a video on Facebook announcing his desire to reopen businesses across Massachusetts, and it’s not going over well with Team Lockdown.




There is a 0.0% chance that anyone who says they’re not voting for him has ever voted for him before.

The head banging was strong with this one.

Yea, it’s only been two months of massive unemployment, breadlines, and people being arrested for attempting to feed their families. What’s the big deal? Haven’t you looked at the data that shows that (checks notes) most people dying from COVID caught it in their homes while locked down?

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He also admits that cases have gone up with the shut downs. Almost as if lockdown and quarantine are a failed policy that kills lots of people. Yes, let’s keep doing it that way.

This one was my favorite.

How dare you laugh emoji me while I fear monger!! I’m a very serious person!!

If it wasn’t for hysteria these people wouldn’t have much to work with. Your links about the 5 year old in another state hooked up to a ventilator don’t have the effect that you think they have. A hundred years ago polio was a plague that attacked children. Yet they never shut down. A vaccine didn’t come until the 1950’s, yet people didn’t lock their children up. The “if it could save just one life” patrol are full of crap. I’m not shutting down the entire country and forcing people into destitution so that someone can die in a car accident instead of by the commie cold.

Marc is the first elected official in Massachusetts I’ve seen go on record as supporting a reopening of the state. I invited Representative Lombardo on the Live Show tonight at 9 PM and he has accepted. Click here to subscribe to the TB YouTube channel. We’ll chat for 5-10 minutes about this and then I’ll tell turtle riders the show that Attorney Robert Fojo put on in court today in Manchester. It will be worth your time.


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