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State Trooper And Marine Combat Veteran Fired And Humiliated In Front Of Peers By Lieutenant Previously Charged With Domestic A&B For Shoving Wife’s Face In Toilet Filled With Feces


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This is State Trooper Timothy Barry.

He is a Marine combat veteran who became a Bedford cop in 2014, and is a third generation law enforcement officer.

“He previously worked as a Cadet with the Lexington Police Department, where he received extremely high marks from his superiors. He is also a volunteer at the Religious Education Office at Saint Michaels Church in Bedford.”

BPD posted about him on Twitter when he first got on the job in 2014.

In early 2019 Barry fulfilled his dream of becoming a Massachusetts State Trooper by being accepted into and completing the rigorous MSP Academy in New Braintree. He was assigned to the Athol barracks, and the former marine was honored by the MSP on a November 2019 Facebook post for rejoining his unit in a “mobilization to multiple countries overseas.”


This week MSP sent out a memo thanking veterans like Barry for their service.

Trooper Barry is still a Marine reservist, serves on the MSP mounted unit, and has an exemplary record with no disciplinary matters in the Marines, Bedford PD, or MSP. By all accounts he is the model for good policing that politicians demanded after the BLM riots in June of 2020.

But instead of honoring Trooper Barry they fired him for not getting the COVID vaccine. This 29 years old man in great physical health is not even remotely at risk of dying from COVID. He, like many other government employees applied for and was denied a religious exemption by the capricious and arbitrary “religious exemption committees” that get to decide who is and isn’t sufficiently religious.

According to science Trooper Barry is no more likely to transmit the virus if he were to get it than a fully vaccinated trooper. There is no scientific or health related reason he should be forced to get the vaccine. We allowed this man to go to hostile foreign nations where he could’ve been killed at any moment. We allowed him to have a gun and put himself in dangerous situations every day in order to keep the rest of us safe from criminality. But the Baker administration believes he is a threat to the rest of us because he’s not vaccinated for a virus that almost exclusively kills the elderly and morbidly obese, all of whom can easily get vaccinated themselves.

Trooper Barry is a hero. Anyone who would willingly give up a comfortable lifestyle and a good job that comes with a six figure salary and a nice pension in order to stand by their convictions, is someone that I will teach my children to model themselves after.

However, it wasn’t just the fact that he was fired that’s problematic. It’s the way he was terminated and the superior officer who did the terminating that is so disgusting. This is Lieutenant Matthew Gladu.

He currently serves as an instructor at the New Braintree Police Academy. Last week Trooper Barry was forced to attend training at the Academy for something called ABLE Project (Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement), a Georgetown University Law Center’s national training and support initiative for U.S. law enforcement agencies committed to building a culture of peer intervention that prevents harm. The training seeks to teach officers how to assist their fellow officers who are suffering from depression, PTSD, and other mental ailments.

While he was sitting in a classroom Lt. Gladu came in and removed Trooper Barry in front of the class, ironically humiliating him during a program that trains officers how not to do this. There were 30 officers in the class, and Gladu marched Barry out of there and brought him to his cruiser, which the entire class could see from their classroom window. There he humiliated him by making him remove his personal items from the cruiser and hand in his badge, gun, and uniform, while the other officers watched. They could’ve done this over the phone and ordered him to do it at the Athol barracks, but instead they wanted to make an example of him so that others who had thoughts about not complying would get the message.

In 2010 Westfield Police Officer Michael Bradley filed a criminal complaint against then Trooper Gladu for grabbing his wife by the neck during an argument over infidelity on his part, pulling her into the bathroom, and shoving her face into the toilet where he had just defecated without flushing. She escaped, went to work, came home, and was once again assaulted by being put in a headlock when she took his phone. Here are the statement of facts.

DOC110321 (2)


After WPD filed the criminal complaint he was placed on restrictive duty paid leave by Colonel Marian McGovern.

The case was kicked around to Springfield District Court and the files for it are not publicly available since it involved domestic violence. But 15 months later Colonel McGovern returned him to full duty.

This is the same Colonel who in 2012 accepted a full pension that exempted her from paying federal income taxes because of an alleged disability. It was estimated to save her around $25,000 a year that someone in her bracket would’ve paid in federal income taxes on their pension.  She also got special treatment before receiving this pension:

“McGovern’s disability pension was approved by a special three-member board, which reviews only state police disability applications. All other disability applications across the state are handled by a panel of three independent doctors, but state law requires that State Police disabilities be reviewed by the state commissioner of public health, state surgeon, and State Police superintendent, or their designees.”

Despite having this “strenuous heart condition” Mcgovern was still able to do Cross Fit though.

This same woman who reinstated a man who shoved his wife’s face in a toilet bowl filled with his feces was also friendly with a drug dealing state trooper, who managed to get on the organization McGovern ran in spite of that.

Since being reinstated Trooper Gladu has been given multiple awards by the MSP, including a medal of valor for his work during a shooting in Chicopee in 2013. He was eventually promoted to Lieutenant, and now makes $190K a year before overtime.

It doesn’t hurt when your Uncle is Lieutenant Brian Gladu, who is the fourth highest paid Trooper, making $270,146.59 in 2018.

While Trooper Barry was being relieved of his duties and humiliated in New Braintree MSP Colonel Christopher Mason was ironically attending a women’s conference in Maine in a pink cruiser.

Mason, who has enthusiastically gone along with Baker’s vaccine mandate, was appointed to the job in 2019 by Baker under the guise of being a “reformer,” given the several recent high profile incidents of corruption exposed on Turtleboy Daily News. Instead he has done nothing but promote his allies in the MSP, and is currently the subject of a discrimination lawsuit as a result of that.

I spoke with Attorney William Gens, who represents several troopers on similar matters and believes Trooper Barry was fired in this manner in order to intimidate other troopers who aren’t yet vaccinated.

“If that isn’t hostile intimidation then I don’t know what is.”

He also pointed out the ridiculousness of the State Police promoting an alleged domestic abuser, who they then ordered to humiliate a veteran and a trooper with a flawless record.

“The guy who’s manhandling his wife gets promoted to Lieutenant.”

Who is a bigger threat to public safety – the man who choked his wife and put her head in a toilet bowl filled with his own feces, or the unvaccinated 29 year old trooper with an exemplary record? According to Governor Baker and Colonel Mason it’s the unvaccinated trooper.

Sources in the State Police tell us that although hundreds of troopers are not yet vaccinated the MSP is only putting 20-30 troopers per week on unpaid leave for two weeks until they are terminated. They don’t want to fire them all at once because it will look bad, affect morale, and cause public safety shortages. Unvaccinated troopers never know going into work if today is the day they will be humiliated like Trooper Barry was.

The MSP has not reformed itself one bit since the scandals we reported on a few years ago. It’s a rotten, crooked organization that rewards bad cops and punishes good cops Timothy Barry and Ryan Sceviour. And Lt. Gladu is exactly the kind of officer the state hopes to keep around. Sure, he occasionally beats women and shoves their faces in his poop, but he also follows orders and gets vaccinated. He not only keeps his job, he also gets promoted and is tasked with making an example of those who don’t get vaccinated. They are trying to get rid of cops who question authority and the constitutionality of their orders, and keep those blindly comply. What we will be left with is a police force that will gladly take your guns from you and violate your civil rights if their superiors tell them to. Matthew Gladu has a job for life.



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