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State Trooper Corey Lee Caught On Video Pulling Over Puerto Rican Driver In Revere While Drunk And Off Duty, Calling Him Racial Slurs, Threatening To Fight And Arrest Him


This is Massachusetts State Trooper Corey Lee from the Danvers barracks.

Trooper Lee recently graduated from the Academy, which due to the anti-police sentiment in this country along with the COVID crisis, is not as challenging or selective as it once was. Sources tell us that Trooper Lee got in with a score of 85 on his exam, when 97 is usual the number you need. A portion of the academy was also done via Zoom, so weaker candidates were harder to weed out than normal.

Corey Lee appears to be one of the weakest of these weaker candidates though. We have obtained video of Trooper Lee pulling over a Puerto Rican man in Revere while off duty and after leaving a bar, for having his lights off, threatening to have him arrested for a DUI, and ultimately calling him a spic and the n word. Watch.

I own this video, and any use of it by author media outlets is not authorized without my permission. Email [email protected] if interested.

From what I took from that video, these two were both coming from the bar where they had some sort of issue. The civilian accused Trooper Lee of saying a racial slur to him, Trooper Lee pulled him over for not having his lights on, they exchanged words, Trooper Lee challenged him to fight, said something that made no sense about going to the Revere barracks for an OUI, then called him multiple racial slurs before the video ended. Here’s the transcription.

Civilian: “I read your lips as soon as I walked in. ‘Who the fuck is this spic?'”

Trooper Lee: “Let me know. Let me know brother.”

Civilian: “Let’s go bro.”

Trooper Lee: “You think you’re tough? You think you’re tough?”

Civilian: “I don’t think I’m tough.”

Trooper Lee: “Go drive down there, I’ll call you 5 right there, Revere barracks, lights off, OUI, $10K.”

Civilian: “You don’t think I know about the law kid? What did you just make the barracks kid?”

Trooper Lee: “No, I was just telling you to turn your lights on.”

Civilian: “I was doing a U-Turn.”

Trooper Lee: “You don’t have your seatbelt on, you silly sp**. You spic, you sp**. Come get it n***a. Come get it n***a. Come get it n***a. Yea, call it.”

Civilian: “I just did 10 years mother f***er.”


Trooper Lee: “Now you’re f***ed.”


Obviously Trooper Lee is a menace and moron and has no business being a trooper. He is a direct result of what troopers tell me is the “corona class.”

“I wanna say week 11-13 corona started but they still went to the academy but it was toned down and they separated them into small groups and didn’t do half the normal hard shit due to corona. Then in week 12-14 they all got sent home on Monday of that week. Then they did zoom academy in their PJs eating cereal and packing dips and drinking coffee. All the hard shit about the academy was out the window. Then they graduated them like 16 weeks.”

According to another trooper, “We all hate cops like this. It’s what happens when people who score from 87-99 turn down the job. People would rather take a 9-5 job with the weekends off than sign up to do a job where everybody hates you and you have to work nights and weekends. A lot of people turn down the job now.”

After viewing the tape yesterday Trooper Lee was fired, will not receive pay moving forward, and has no recourse since he’s less than a year on the job.

NBCMassachusetts State Police fired a trooper Tuesday for what the agency described as unacceptable conduct that included the use of racial slurs. The incident occurred during a weekend confrontation with a motorist while the trooper was off-duty, the agency said in a statement. The trooper, whose name was not released, was a member of the recruit training group that graduated in May and was under a one-year probationary period, the agency said.

“I am disgusted and disappointed by the conduct that occurred, which is the antithesis of the standards of conduct and personal behavior we expect and demand of our members,” the state police superintendent, Col. Christopher Mason, said in a statement.

The races of the trooper and the motorist were not disclosed, and state police said no additional information would be released. Officials did not provide details about the incident except to say the trooper “approached a male in a stationary vehicle” in Revere, a city of around 54,000 northeast of Boston.

“This subject is not fit to wear the badge or call themselves a member of the Department,” Mason said. He said the decision to fire the trooper was made shortly after he and other officials learned of the alleged conduct Tuesday. “We will have no tolerance for such conduct,” said Mason, who ordered an investigation. He has also asked the state attorney general’s office to review the incident for any potential criminal or civil rights violations.

So there you have it. The police can police themselves. Corey Lee was drunk on liquor, but also on his newfound authority, which he used to try to threaten people he got into drunken pissing matches with at the bar. He was clearly intoxicated and driving in that video, and had no business conducting police actions in his state. The fact that he’s dumb enough to use multiple racial slurs against a Puerto Rican man in an era where cameras are everywhere tells us everything we need to know about his lack of judgement skill too.

Good riddance.


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