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Sterling Realtor Arrested By State Police For Offering $1K And “Services” To Trooper, DA Joe Early Doesn’t Call In Favor To Redact Arrest Report


Sterling realtor Karen Dubovick had an interesting Tuesday night.

Trooper Timothy M. Rafferty said he was patrolling Interstate 290 east in Worcester about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday when he pulled over a black Jeep Grand Cherokee that had crossed two lanes of traffic and nearly struck the Exit 19-20 sign before continuing onto Interstate 190 north, according to a criminal complaint filed in Central District Court. Trooper Rafferty said the driver, Karen A. Dubovick, 51, of 8 Old Parish Lane, Sterling, said she’d had two glasses of wine at a work event, but appeared drunk, with slurred speech and with a strong odor of alcohol in the car.

The trooper reported that when Ms. Dubovick failed a field sobriety test, she told him: “You’re really cute. I know a lot of state cops.” When he moved to handcuff her, he said, she yelled, “I am not going to jail!” and began crying when placed in the back of the cruiser, asking, “Why are you ruining my life?” She also said her husband was a state trooper and asked, “Can we work something out, please?” Trooper Rafferty said.

On the drive to the state police barracks in Holden, she asked Trooper Rafferty “multiple times, ‘Can you just drop me off? I will give you $1,000 and we can have some fun, you’re super cute,’” according to the criminal complaint.

Ms. Dubovick, who had a previous drunken driving conviction from 2009 out of Clinton District Court, refused a chemical breath test at the Holden barracks, according to the court documents, and upon being taken to the state police barracks in Leominster, she stated, “I am going to call a (lieutenant) in the state police to get you in trouble, you beat me up!”

Thanks, but no thanks. Note to women out there who might be inclined to try this move – the State Police are under pretty heavy scrutiny after a number of scandals made headlines over the last two or three years. The odds that one of them would actually take you up on an offer like this are slim to none, and decrease if you’re a washed up 51 year old realtor.

I’d just like to point out the obvious here – this is the exact same thing Alli Bibaud said to a state trooper, and yet this woman didn’t have her arrest report redacted per orders from District Attorney Joe Early. We all remember the biggest scandal in MSP history that Turtleboy exposed in 2017. Early ended up admitting that he did in fact order the State Police Colonel to force three troopers to alter an arrest report in order to save Judge Tim Bibaud’s daughter the embarrassment of having her own words used against her in court. His exact words were that he did this “all the time.” Yet he couldn’t provide a single example of another defendant who had this accommodation made.

And here we are again. Same barracks, same story, different result. It’s almost as if it pays to have a judge for a father who happens to be good friends with the District Attorney.

It wouldn’t surprise me if she loses her job over this because it’s not her first DUI, and although this one didn’t come with a threat of fabricated police brutality claims, it did come with more salacious details. Then again, if the state police still employ troopers like Angela Guerrera, despite her DUI arrest in 2017, it seems kind of hypocritical for anyone to lose their job over a DUI.


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